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Allure Toys is an online sex toy retailer that sells luxurious intimate items and intends to “dismantle the stigma attached to sex.” “dismantle the stigma attached to sex,” How fucking Rad! Too bad I hadn’t heard a word about the company before they reached out to me, as I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat, here’s my review of Can you trust them?  


If I had to describe Allure Toys’ selection in simple terms, I’d say they carry high-end luxury sex items. Their inventory contains a vast amount of variety, not just with the toys but topicals and oils too.

Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest to view all the items they have available on their website because I find that the site navigation severely lacks categories. It came to my attention because I noticed there were items I could find in the see-all section that I couldn’t access through regular navigation. 

For instance, the clit devices, gels, and oral items all have products but no category label to click on and find them in. This is something I would like to see improvement on because they have a wide range of items and at the moment their site isn’t reflecting that.

I will say, all the insertable products I did come across on the website were either glass, metal, or silicone, and that gives them extra points in my book. It also makes it super easy to buy a body-safe sex toy when it’s most of their inventory. Takes the stress out of shopping.

Shipping & Tracking

Allure Toys’ shipping prices seem to be calculated by location, so I won’t be able to give exact amounts but they estimated $5 for standard or $7 for expedited shipping for my order. Those shipping prices are fairly standard when you have to pay, maybe even a bit cheaper. 

The good news though is, I didn’t pay for shipping because they offered a free shipping coupon code for standard or expedited shipping at the time; no minimum was required (I tried it).  

Once you place an order the company will keep you updated with emails. They send you an email when it ships out (tracking included), when it’s out for delivery, and when it is finally delivered. After two weeks there will be a follow-up email asking how you liked the product. This gives us a total of 4 emails for 1 transaction. 

As for the tracking, the link provided in my email didn’t work nor did it refer me to the correct Shipper. Did that mean it was untrackable? Fortunately, no. There are multiple ways to track the package such as on their website, through the shop app, or just by googling the tracking number. Though I do wish the email link worked for the sake of convenience. 

Customer Service 

I had an issue regarding my item being sent to my billing address instead of my shipping address and contacted them ASAP. 

The customer service was cooperative. They wanted to work with me to solve my issue, and upon realizing their mistake they completely rectified the situation by sending a new product to the intended address and giving me a coupon code to use in the future for my inconvenience. 

Are they Discreet? 

I think it’s a bit odd that it’s not mentioned on their website, as far as I know, but yes Allure Toys is discreet. When my package arrived it looked like anything else in the mailbox which was a relief considering my shipping situation. All the names and return addresses on the label are also discreet, I mean what’s more discreet than being labeled shipping department; this package could be anything. 


No, the billing is not discrete. I used my credit card for the transaction and it shows up on the billing statement as ‘SP ALLURE-TOYS.” 

Final Thoughts

Allure Toys’ is a small shop with some high-quality products. Shopping for body-safe toys on their site would be a breeze because most of their inventory consists of them. The navigation was a bit unsatisfying, but if you can get through that; their message, customer service, and products are all authentic to what they advertise and that’s enough to keep me happy.

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