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    Business Discipline Part 3 – Erotica

    Haven’t read part 1 or part 2? Check out Business Discipline Part 1 and Part 2. Business Discipline Part 3 With the key still dangling tantalizingly from the keyhole, Daddy reached to unlock the drawer. Pulling it open and revealing an elegant blue glass dildo, strategically laid on white silk fabric. Jennifer peered down from the desk, and her eyes lit up with excitement. She rushed to grab it and was promptly stopped.   “Not yet little one, that’s going to be way too cold.” She pouted and disappointedly questioned him. “Well, how do you expect to heat it?” Shaking his head in slight disapproval and picking the toy up, he…

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    Business Discipline Part 2 – Erotica

    Business Discipline Part 2 – Erotica New to this read? Check out Business Discipline Part 1. Still bent over the desk, Jennifer stayed silent as her eyes followed Mr.Craten’s reflection in the monitor. Positioning himself behind her, he gripped either side of her hips and slowly descended to his knees, disappearing from view.  Depending on only her hearing, Jennifer’s pussy twitched as she heard her Daddy taking a deep breath in. “Let’s see.” He said, allowing his warm words to tease her pussy on the exhale. “What should I do with such a wet little girl?” Flicking his tongue across her slit, just to get a taste, he prepared to…