The Massage 

Part 1

Janet impatiently stood at the corner of an empty sidewalk waiting for the cars to pass. When will my chance come? She thought to herself as she locked eyes with the crosswalk light that seemed to never want to let her go.

“Come on … ”

She muttered frustratedly to herself.

“Change, damn it. I just want to go home and forget about my day.”

And after the day she had, who could blame her. Janet spent all night worried about a mandatory lunch meeting her boss decided to spring on her out of the blue, social events already weighed heavily on her, and at this one, she was made a spectacle. 


She shook her head, shaking the unfinished thought. Snapping back into reality, Janet finally got the go and sprinted as fast as she could back to the car garage and sped home.

When Janet arrived home, she opened the door to her apartment and was greeted by the sweet smell of vanilla and coconut.

“Mmm… ”

She warmly responded.

“ …This is  the most pleasurable thing to happen all day.”

Janet relaxed for a moment to take in the smell, then pondered about where James, her partner, was. It wasn’t his usual time to be home, and she sure hoped he didn’t leave a candle burning while no one was home again. Taking her shoes off by the door and tossing her bag along with it, Janet began to unwind as she walked to the room. Nothing was coming between her and the sleep she needed to get away from it all.

Opening the door to the bedroom, Janet jumped back in surprise when she saw James standing by the bedside with lavender massage oil and a warm grin on his face.

Well, almost nothing.

She thought.

Janet stood there in shock and took a moment to catch her breath from the fright and to debate whether she should tell James no and plop down for sleep or take him up on his lovely offer. She let the cogs turn in her head, debating the pros and cons; she debated them so long in fact that James compassionately inquired about her silent state.

“You okay, Janny?”

“Huh? Yeah! I’m fine.”

She responded while shaking her head back into reality.

“So, if the room didn’t give it away, I will. Do you want a massage?” 

Janet took another moment to think and ultimately decided that a relaxing human interaction might do her well after the day she had. 

“I would love one!”

She responded. 

Janet took off almost all of her clothes, except a pair of pink cheeky cut panties, and jumped stomach down onto the bed, ready for relaxation to begin. 


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