The Massage 

Part 2

the massage erotica part 2

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“This day just keeps getting worse.”

Janet exclaimed.

“I’m a fuck up, all I do is try, and all that happens is I end up on the bottom.”

Embarrassed and anxious, Janet began to sob into her knees.

A confused and empathic James decided to sit down next to Janet and console her physically. Moments passed before he opened his mouth again.

“What happened today?” 

“That lunch meeting was nothing but an embarrassment…”

Janet responded, pausing to collect her thoughts. James offered a loving rubbing to her shoulder to let her know it was ok to continue.

“My good for nothing boss has no etiquette whatsoever. He fired me in front of all my coworkers as well as made me pay for my lunch…”

She stopped to catch her tone of anger. Calming down, she continued.

“…A lunch I didn’t even enjoy at that. I was so embarrassed. I felt so disrespected.”

James didn’t say a word at first, instead he encased Janet in a hug that would make the iciest of hearts melt, causing her to break out into another set of tears.

“Janny, that’s a shitty way to treat a person, and it’s no wonder you felt disrespected; your boss didn’t consider you in that decision. And, I want you to know, I’m glad you got fired. You may not see it this way, but any boss that treats employees like that shouldn’t have employees, and god damn, he’s just lucky you didn’t quit sooner.”

Janet’s crying stopped; only the sniffling of her nose could be heard, echoing throughout the room. She tightened the hug she was still in, moved and inspired by James’ words. 

How foolish I am. 

She thought to herself. 

I’m sitting here wondering when will my chance come, and it’s here right in front of me.  

Pushing back out of the hug, Janet surprised James with a kiss, followed up by a whole-hearted.

“I love you.”

Looking him in the eyes, she placed her hand up against his face and asked.

“So, can I finish the massage?”

Laughing, James replied.

“Finish? You mean start over?”

“Yeah yeah yeah, finish, start over, same difference.”

Excited by her change of mood, James was more than happy to agree to another massage. He enacted the same body-melting massage he did the first time. With the same amount of time, effort, and love, James worshiped and loosened Janet’s body until she collapsed into a pile of pure sexual frustration. 

And then he did it some more. 

He tortured her with the idea of sexual pleasure for a while until he finally gave it to her. Placing his hands in front of Janet’s hips, he assisted her up into her knees, pushing her back playfully against the bulge of his pants; he teased her. Janet moaned at the idea of his hard cock under those jeans and rubbed her pussy back on him. 

James smirked.

“Enjoying yourself?”

He playfully inquired. 

“Don’t act like you’re not.”

She playfully sniped back.

“Oh, I didn’t say I wasn’t…”

James sensually purred back into Janet’s ear as he unzipped his jeans. The sound sent a shiver through her and what came next made her vibrate. 

Starting with the outside, James began to circle the surface of her hole with the tip of his lubed-up cock; testing if she was ready. Slowly he pushed the head in, being careful not to give her it all. Janet moaned in both frustration and release as James’ penetrated her. Damn, his tip felt electric, but she wanted more. The feeling of pleasure was intoxicating, and she wanted to get drunk off of it. Grinding back, Janet was combated by James’ pulling the tip out. He knew she liked it a certain way, and if he made her wait for that, she would be putty in his hands. 

He tried again, now with a hand pushing down on the top of Janet’s back to keep her still. Starting with only the tip again, James began to fuck her slowly, gradually working her up to take all of him. She shook as he fucked her in nearly slow motion. The feeling of sexual euphoria was taking over her body with each slow in and out, drool began to pool out of her mouth and onto the bed.

She couldn’t take anymore, the gentle massaging of her g-spot was more than she could take; with eyes rolled back and fingers gripping the bed, Janet bit the sheets and moaned out all of her frustrations. Ramming back onto James and undulating her hips, Janet was finally cumming. It felt as though a thousand pounds had been lifted off her shoulders as James pulled out and fell onto the bed with her.

Too tired to cum himself, James wrapped his arms around Janet as they lay in bed together. Silent and relaxed, they both drifted off to sleep.


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