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    It’s Monday, No Article & Spoopy Boobs!

    It’s Monday and I got nothing to show for it besides a pair of spooky boobs! (Though I’d hardly call them nothing.) Happy Monday! Time for an update: I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for some new erotica and things have been coming along, just not as fast as I had hoped. With that being stated, no new text article this week! I want to take my time with this new project and hope to have it out by next week.

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    Sex Game: 60 Minute Man

    Sex Game: 60 Minute Man A wise man once sang: “There’ll be 15 minutes of kissing. There’ll be 15 minutes of teasing. And 15 minutes of squeezing. And 15 minutes of blowing my top.” 60 Minute Man – Billy Ward & His Dominoes And that wise man was Bill Ward, the inspiration behind my cheesy sex game.  One day while sitting in the bath, the 60-minute man sprang on, and my mind wandered. I giggled at the idea of actually playing a 60-minute game, maybe even rules like the first to cum would lose. Just like the song, the thought was short-lived, and I passed it off as too cheesy. …

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    Why We Need Better Sex ED

    Why We Need Better Sex ED I don’t know how I can be someone who is comfortable talking about sex and also be someone who gets flustered when it comes to the science of it all. I suspect it’s because there was a lot of anxiety surrounding it in my lifetime. My sister wasn’t allowed to attend Sex ED, and by the time I was of age, it wasn’t optional. But fear not, stigma was still instilled (heavy sarcasm). I grew up being taught (by parents and schools alike) things like first-time penetration will be painful, privates are shameful and much more. Now, with that kinda perspective, you can understand…