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I have a rule when I watch porn; I can’t touch myself while browsing. Why do I have this rule? Because I’m a chronic browser, and if I don’t make this rule, I’ll uneventfully cum to thumbnails of porn I only kinda liked. So, to keep my orgasms quality ratings up, I’ve accidentally started edging myself. How exactly is it accidentally? Well, that’s a long story, so let’s start at the beginning. 

At the Beginning 

Recently my desire for sex (including with myself) has been rather on the fritz, and to stimulate it, I’ve been trying to masturbate more frequently.

My first masturbation session went alright: I woke up before my alarm, smoked, and browsed through some internet porn until I came. Nothing fantastic, but it wasn’t awful. A day or two went by, and I went through the same masturbation routine, except, this time, my orgasm was explosive. What the hell? I thought to myself: I want more of that!

That day passed quickly with the memories of my body-shaking orgasm dancing in my head. Not too long after that, it was time for another masturbation session, and I was excited. I locked the door, dimmed the lights, put a blanket over my lap, slid my hand down my pants, and opened up my laptop to browse some porn. 

A few minutes passed, and I was done. This cum was less than desirable, and it left me needing to try again, which I did. The second cum, the same thing. Ugh. This wasn’t going to make me want to masturbate again.

Investigating the Orgasm 

A few days went by, and instead of seeping in my own self-pity (which I like to do from time to time), I decided to examine my past sessions. I thought long and hard about what made a cum tremendous and what made one just satisfactory for me. And that’s when a light bulb went off above my head. After all these years of masturbating, I’ve cracked the code to my pleasure, edging. 

While looking back and comparing the sessions, I realized that okay orgasms were usually accompanied by rubbing while browsing. These types of cums get kick-started off with a steamy porn video that hits all the right spots for me, and then, as I’m browsing, I just use that momentum to finish myself. Don’t get me wrong; these cums have their place: they’re quick, convenient, and relaxing, but the quality? It lacks.

On the other hand, earth-shattering orgasms were accompanied by patience and a bit of self-control. These are the orgasms I had with the no-touching & browsing rule. And do you know why they were so amazing? Because I was (now on purpose) accidentally edging myself. 

How Browsing Led to Edging Myself

I don’t know about you, but I’m a browser, and it causes me to hop from video to video like some sort of porn bunny. In an effort to control my porn bunny ways and preserve my fantastic cums, I decided I can only touch myself when I’m watching a porn video. This rule only solved one of my problems. Now I have fantastic orgasms, and I’m a worse browser than ever. 

Staying true to my bratty sub ways, even with myself, I discovered a loophole; I could be a porn bunny and have fantastic cums. How? Well, when I watch porn, now I watch a hot and steamy video, work myself up, then click off and stop touching myself. I do this over and over again until I can’t take anymore, and oh, look at that, I’m accidentally edging myself. 

See just how easy it is to do by accident?! 

Final Thoughts

It’s interesting what you’ll learn about yourself if you just examine yourself a little bit closer. I’ve learned that I’m a whore for edging, and if I remember a cum I was probably edged. And here, I thought it was something I was bad at. 

When I masturbate, I want to relish in it, not just get it done to destress. As an impatient orgasmer, the latter is usually tempting for me to do, but as a pleasure-seeker, edging myself is on top of my list; and, for it to overcome my impatience is saying something.

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