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Godsend Sucker Rose

The Godsend Sucker Rose is a 2-in-1 toy that provides pulse action clit sucking at one end and dildo thumping on the other. It’s a fun spin on the classic Rose Toy that trended all over TikTok not too long ago. And, It’s a toy that would have fallen under my radar if not for the wonderful people at for sending me one to review. 

Pricing & Product Details

The Godsend Sucker Rose is currently on sale from its original price tag of $99.00 down to $54.00 on 

The toy comes in an elegantly designed box that makes me realize sex toy packaging can be tasteful. The box includes the user manual, a charger, and the Godsend Sucker Rose (because if it didn’t, we’d have a problem). The Godsend Sucker also comes in a plastic bag when initially opened to keep the lint-loving silicone clean! 

What Is It Made Out of?

The Godsend Sucker Rose is completely safe and sanitizable due to its use of silicone and ABS plastic, which are both body-safe materials. The use of these materials also gives the toy a smooth, bouncy & inviting texture. 


At the time of writing this article, the only dimensions that the product provides are the ones in the user manual (none on the website). 

The user manual, unfortunately, just provides us with the measurement of the overall toy (55*55*300 mm), not the individual pieces. The dimensions the company does provide are correct, with the 300mm (11.811 inches) from top to bottom length matching my measurement of around 11.75-12 inches.

When it comes to dildo length and girth, I’m on my own because I have nothing to go off of. So, according to my measurements, the dildo has an insertable length of 3 ¾ inches and a circumference (girth) of around 4-inches

Honestly, if you ask me, the size of this dildo couldn’t be more perfect. Most toys for vaginal insertion on the market range from lengths of 7-9 inches which can make them intimidating for me, let alone beginners. So, the 3 ¾-inch length and 4-inch girth make self-insertion an unintimidating breeze.  

Battery Life & Charging

The Godsend Sucker Rose has a sleek magnetic charging design that keeps the rose looking elegant and smooth. Unfortunately, the sleekness also means difficult to position. The charger is hard to connect and does fall out often, but I find this to be the case for most magnetic chargers (they’re supposed to improve waterproofness). 

When charging, the buttons gently illuminate blue on and off and will hold steady when finished. In my experience, the toy takes around 2 hours and 20-40 minutes to fully charge

The battery life on the Godsend Sucker Rose will depend on which features you use. The rose sucker has an impressive battery life of 5-6 hours when used alone. The thrusting dildo takes a bit more resources and lasts around 1 hour when used by itself. If you decide to go for the entire shebang (both ends), it will also last around 40-60 minutes. 

Controls & Features

The Godsend Rose Sucker has two buttons: a circular button that controls the rose; and a power button that also controls the thrusting action. 

To power the toy on, hold the power button for 2 seconds. If successful, the buttons on the rose head will illuminate with a soft bluish-purple light. From here, the power button becomes the thrusting dildo button.

To use the thrusting dildo, click the power button once, and it will start on its lowest setting. To shuffle through the 10 speeds/modes, just click the button again. The circular button to control the rose works the same way; click once to move to a different sucker intensity/pattern. To shut either end off, hold the power button for 2 seconds, and it shuts the entire toy off.

The controls work relatively well, except for the fact that I can’t shut either end off without shutting off the entire toy. This became a bit of an issue for me when I had the rose on the perfect spot, with the perfect speed, and accidentally hit the power button and turned the dildo on. From there, I had to reset the entire toy just to get it to stop. 

The lack of a separate turn-off feature makes me less likely to try out the thrusting action, especially if I have an orgasmic speed set on the Rose. Other than that issue, the controls work fine! 

The Rose Sucker

The Rose Sucker’s silicone material makes it super soft and smooth to hold up against the skin. The flat face rose design makes it easy to position on the right spot quickly. I find that with my Womanizer, I tend to need to fiddle around before I can get its full effects, but not with this baby. I simply place it and go to whatever setting I want.

When I say whatever setting I want, I mean it too. The Rose Sucker’s 10 modes are out of this world; I love every single one. It has 3 consistent settings that range from low-high and 7 rhythmic patterns

The 10 modes are ticklish and sensational. Pressing the thing against my clit, even on the lowest setting, makes me go brain dead. It’s as if TV static replaces my thoughts, and I get the urge to drool over the intense stimulation.  The pulse action makes it feel as if someone is humming up against my pussy, and I’m salivating over it!

In my experience, it doesn’t just buzz the clit either; the humming is strong enough to provide me with full vulva sensation. Shaking and humming me right into euphoria.

The Thrusting Dildo

The Thrusting dildo has a sleek and soft body design. I find the integration of the thrusting dildo to be well done. The movement is gentle yet noticeable, and it wasn’t jabby or painful as I tend to worry about with these mechanical products.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the thrusting, I’m not a fan. I’d be getting into my rhythm, grinding on the dildo, and then I’d turn the thumping on and lower my arousal level. It was thumpy and not really what I’m looking for when it comes to penetration. However, this isn’t the fault of the toy; I’ve just come to find out that these vibrator features aren’t my cup of tea. I no longer use the rotating feature on the Nora either. 


The Godsend Rose Sucker has a waterproof rating of IPX7*: This should mean it can be fully submerged in up to 1 meter (3.28 feet) of liquid for up to 30 mins with no problems. 

I tested these irresistible claims out for myself during a bath, and things went well until they didn’t.

It was strange: I finished my waterproof testing, left the toy out to dry, checked to make sure all the features worked, which they did, and then I put it safely back into my drawer.

A few days went by, and I decided to test the Godsend’s discreteness; that’s when all hell broke loose. It powered on, made it through both tests fully working, and then when it came to shutting it off, it just wouldn’t. I held the power button down for; 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 8 seconds, and the toy said, “Nah, I don’t feel like it.”  

I panicked at first but calmed down enough to devise a plan that plugging it in might turn it off. Grabbing the charger, I shut down the beast and left it to rest for about a half-hour. I checked it again, the dildo stopped working. That night passed, and the next morning I check the toy again; it was completely working like new. 

Present Day

As of now, I consider the Godsend to be a wild card. Sometimes it works like it’s new out of the box, and other times the dildo and power button say, “screw you, I’m on vacation.” The product seems to still be charging fine, and the rose works, but the toy’s responsiveness is now up to chance. 

So, unless mine is specifically defective, the Godsend isn’t waterproof, as it claims.

This is such a bummer because I do find that bath play is particularly fun with this toy. After all, the pulse action makes for a different experience by pushing a steady stream of water up to the clit. 

Sex in the shower, tub, or any kind of water isn’t usually my thing, but with the Godsend, it could’ve been. The vibrations and pulsation of the water could easily pull an orgasm out of me in the tub, even to my own surprise. And, even though I didn’t end up pulling an orgasm during the testing session, I 100% knew I could if I tried.   


The Godsend Sucker Rose’s discreetness depends on which setting you are using. When both toys are running, it sounds like someone is brushing their teeth from the other side of the door. The low-medium settings on either end are reasonably quiet, with the Rose being exceptionally discreet once it’s pressed up against the skin. 

I would like to note that these tests are performed under extreme conditions with as much background noise eliminated as possible. This toy will more than likely be completely covered by music, talking, or a busy street under normal living 



The Godsend Sucker Rose takes mild effort to clean. To clean mine, I spray & wipe down the bulk of the body with sex toy cleaner. If you don’t have sex toy cleaner on hand, anti-bacterial soap will work as well. Then I work on cleaning the crevices and sucker opening with a toothbrush taking extra care to get between all the grooves of the petals. 

When the washing is done, I leave it to dry on a clean, lint-free surface before storing.

Final Thoughts

I’ve spent the last month playing with the Godsend Sucker Rose, and it has taken me on a wild ride. I love it for providing me with a unique & dynamic experience that I’ve never had, and I loathe it for breaking from underwater conditions. Granted, I had my issue with the dildo, but even with that, the toy was quickly climbing its way to the top of my favorites list; until it wasn’t (common theme here). 

It’s a Frankenstein’s Monster of a toy that combines multiple types of stimulation in one, and I think it has the potential to become a favorite to many (newbies & veterans), as long as they don’t want to use it in the tub. 

Want to try it out? Buy the Godsend Sucker Rose Today!

*An IPX rating of 7 only includes the features of 7 meaning the toy is only submersible (not splash or jet proof). IPX ratings do not include features of the ratings before it such as IPX4 IPX5 or IPX6.


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