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Womanizer Starlet among lights

When I first saw the Womanizer Starlet on sale at Lovehoney, I just had to have it! It claims to use vibration and suction on your clit to give mind-blowing orgasms. As a lover of clit stimulation, I needed to know if I was missing out on something. 

Pricing and Product Details 

Womanzier Starlet open box

The Womanizer Starlet retails for $80 $63.99 on lovehoney.com with free shipping, or you can buy directly from womanizer.com for $70 (currently on sale for $48.75!).  It is worth noting that Lovehoney’s shipping is free for any order over $60, but if you purchase it from the official website, it’s $10 shipping, this standard for most sex product retailers. No matter who you buy from, both do ship discreetly! 

“holy shit, this thing is tiny.” is what I thought upon first opening the package.

Inside the box, there is Womanizer Starlet, an instructional manual, and a micro USB wire; thank goodness for the 21st century! 

The Womanizer Starlet measures a mere 3.8 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. And it is 100% body-safe! With the head attachment on the device being silicone, and the body ABS plastic. 

To charge it, you pull the silicone tab and plug it in. The box estimates it will take around 3 hours; however, mine’s took a little under two. Less is always better! Once fully charged, it lasts around a half-hour. 

The Overview 

Do you know the sound your car makes when you try to warm it up in the cold? Yeah, that’s what the Womanizer Starlet sounds like. And at first, I thought that was going to be a problem, except that once you plug up the hole with your sweet spot, it gets fairly quiet. 

During use, I was amazed by the power this little device puts out. Now I realize it only lasts a half-hour because it’s so strong. Even when placing it above my clit the vibrations are strong enough to vibrate me to orgasm. As a matter of fact, unless it’s on low, I find it to be overstimulating with direct contact, though it works wonders on those hard to cum days. The four vibration settings do a great job at covering a wide range of intensities and gradually work their way up with each click. 

The small burst of air and suction is what sets the Womanizer Starlet apart from other clit stimulators on the market. And I would say it makes a hell of a difference. Because the area around the clit is vibrating, getting light air and suction if feels a lot similar to someone humming onto your pussy (which I love!). 

Solo play isn’t the only fun I had with Starlet. 

The stimulator states in the product video that it’s “small enough to fit between two people during foreplay and sex,” and they are right, but that’s not all it does. My partner and I discovered that it also stimulates them while inside me. Well, their exact words were quote, “I’ve never been in a vibrating pussy before” unquote; needless to say, they 100% approve of this product.

Actually, the only two gripes I have with this product is the fact that I didn’t get the waterproof one and that the wire is so ridiculously small. The Starlet is splash-proof, not waterproof, meaning do not submerge it. 


On the Womanizer’s website, if you don’t experience an intense orgasm with their product, you get your money back. Well, guess who’s not getting their money back? I’m in love with this product, and as a clit queen, I can’t get enough. 

Buy the Womanizer Starlet at Womanizer.com or LoveHoney.com

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