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Wicked Whims is an adult mod for The Sims 4 created by Turbodriver, that says “fuck you to censorship and hello to the real world.” 


Wicked Whims adds a surprisingly large amount of features to the game. When I first downloaded it, I expected a nude mod with nothing more than some sex positions. Boy, was I wrong, the features this mod has turned The Sims 4 into a realistic life simulator. 


Animations & Climax

Wicked Whims allows your sims the opportunity to not only undress but have some good old adult fun! By default, the mod only seems to come with two animations, making out and reverse cowgirl, though they highly recommend downloading more.

To initiate sex with a sim, click on a bed, floor, or object if you have animations installed, then navigate and click on the Wicked tab. From there, click have sex and pick a position! 

Let me tell you this game gets hot! The animations are incredible; if you weren’t familiar with The Sims, it would be easy to think they were just part of the game. You also have full control over what position your sims do next, though if you want it random, there’s a button for that too. 

Wicked Whim's Naked female sim with cum

Lastly, no sex would be complete without a climax (at least not in this case), and you can choose between many different options, want to cum on your sims feet? They got it! Chest? Got that too! Vagina? You bet! And many more! I would like to take a moment to thank the creator for gifting us with such pretty cum textures. Though it’s not all fun and games, if not manually turned off, your sims do have the potential to get pregnant when having unprotected sex.

Pregnancy & Menstruation

Wicked Whim's Notification saying "Lexi Kisses might now be pregnant!"

Imagine my surprise when my sim finished getting a glorious pounding and bam I got a notification saying, “Lexi Kisses might now be pregnant! Performing a pregnancy test or waiting a day will show the result.” How could this have happened? This what I thought to be sex mod is teaching me the consequences of unprotected sex? How dare they! No, in all honesty, I love this addition to the mod.

Turbodriver outdid themselves with the amount of detail put into this part of the mod. The sex this mod is talking about isn’t just the ole’ in and out that I see it promoted as often, they have real consequences for it as well. 

Wicked Whims Pregnancy Mode Options

If not turned off in settings, sims will require the use of contraception to avoid getting pregnant. They will also need tampons/pads for their monthly periods. How fucking rad is that?! The coolest part is you can control everything from the length of time, pad/tampon absorbency, contraception success rate, or just turn it off altogether. 

Note: In Wicked settings, you can change what types of sims can get pregnant & have periods regardless of gender. 


Wicked Whim's Naked Red Woman

The body selector is unbelievably diverse. The default nude skin works with all skin types, but that’s only the beginning. 

There are tons of body mods you can download and add to Wicked Whims. They range between a simple breast size change all the way to transgender body types. whether for aesthetic or just to make Sims look more like you, there is seemingly a body mod for everything!


The sexual orientation representation in this mod is incredible. The mod allows you to set gender preferences for sims and even has settings to make polyamorous sims. However, the default sex positions don’t seem to support more than two sims having sex, so make sure to download those animations.

Traits, Moodlets and Skills

What really makes the Wicked Whims gameplay seamless is the traits, moodlets, skills, and reactions it adds to the game. Just like any good expansion pack, it comes with new things to make your sims even more unique.

I love the traits you can give your sims, and depending on their traits, they will react differently to a sexual encounter. For instance, my sim has the cum slut trait, so having cum blasted on her gives her a mood boost. If you spend too long basking in the seed of glory, you will receive a negative to your mood for having dried cum on you. 

I also love that this mod has custom moodlets! I enjoy putting my sims through countless sexual situations and getting a happy +1  for satisfying sex and a flirty +1 for getting creamed on. The moodlets are only one of the small and effective details the make this mod so great.

The other great detail is the fact that they added skills as well, two to be exact Sexpertise and Naturism. You gain sexperitse skills by researching and learning about sex through your sims as it says “personal research.” Naturism is my personal favorite, to gain skill points for it, your sim has to get comfortable with being naked! This trait is adorable to me because it adds actions like admiring your body in the mirror, promoting some healthy self-love, are we? I’m living for it! 


With 6 years under its belt, The Sims 4 at times feels dull, but Wicked Whims solves that problem. All the new additions give me that same satisfaction as downloading a new expansion pack minus the crying wallet. So, if you’re looking for an entirely new way to enjoy The Sims 4, this mod is for you! 

Download Wicked Whims on the official Wicked Whims Website.*

Wicked Whims too X-rated? Read my review on NSFWare!

*all downloads & animations can be found through Wicked Whims.


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