Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion- Review

Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion

I went in with a motive. I wanted, no I needed, to try a warming gel on my clit, I scanned the shelves looking for the perfect one. Alas, the store only had two options, so “the perfect one” had to be one of the two. Reading the details and the price tag, I decided that Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion was worth the risk.

Pricing & Product Details

Body Heat Warming Lotion costs around $6-$15 for an 8 oz bottle. I spent $15 on mine at my local shop. It comes in an adorable body shaped translucent bottle. Besides being a delight to look at, it’s a convenient way to see how much of the product is left. Say goodbye to scraping the bottom of a dark, empty container. 

All the information for the lotion and how to use it are on a tag (I removed mine). Personally, I’m not a fan of this design choice. Putting all your product details on an easily lost tag seems a bit silly. You will see in a moment why. 

Did you know Body Heat is edible? No? Well, I wouldn’t expect you to because it’s printed nowhere on the bottle. I bet you also didn’t know that you have to blow on it to get it to heat up. See the issue? This is vital information that shouldn’t be left to chance.

The Overview

Welp, I can’t say that it doesn’t work. My partner put a small amount on my rosebud, lightly blew, and I blossomed. I was squirming in a matter of seconds, begging for more.

At times I did jump a bit and had to lighten up because the sensation did get intense. It can easily get too hot without the right technique. I found that the trick is to blow lightly and slowly. It takes a bit of getting used to, yet once you find a working method, it feels stupendous. The instantaneous feeling of the warmth surprised my pussy and sprang it to life in only a few short blows. It’s a sure-fire way to speed up my arousal when I want to get straight to the nitty-gritty or edge myself.  

Amongst all the excitement, I still do have issues with the Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion. For one, remember that “edible” thing I said earlier? Well, it’s only kinda edible. What I mean is it’s safe to eat, but it tastes atrocious. The bottle says Cherry yet, I would describe it more as cough syrup, yum. I found myself holding my gag reflex a bit while licking it off. 

To continue on my rampage, the longevity is brief. My partner and I found ourselves constantly reapplying it. When it’s applied, you have about a minute before it loses its heating effect.

And Like the straw that broke the camel’s back, it’s exceptionally sticky. The lotion doesn’t absorb into your skin; it leaves a murky, muggy texture to it. It’s rather unpleasant and left me needing a shower.


Delightfully yucky. The Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion left a nauseating taste in my mouth and left me feeling sticky; however, the expedited entrance into the club did make it worth my while. Would I buy it again? No. Do I regret buying it? No. Body Heat was worth the try, and for being cheaper than other products on the market, it performs well, as long as you don’t mind being a bit muggy.

Get yours now at*

This product seems to be sold at local sex shops and a few sellers online as well.

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*buy from amazon with caution, they sell a lot of knock offs.


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