Window Shopping for Sex Toys is My Foreplay!

Window Shopping for sex toys is my foreplay thumbnail. Photo shows web page with sex toys.

It all started with me subtly turning my big 14-inch laptop screen at my partner as I scrolled sex toys, enticing them to look over. I saw them occasionally glance over from their game, questioning if they were reading the room right.

Making sure we both were on the same page, I humbly pointed to a rose ball gag and said. 


My lover turned to look at me, and the room fell still. I smiled devilishly, held their face, and said.

“It would look so good on you.”

They choked on their words, blushed up, and fell from their dominant position. All at the thought of a toy. Deciding to test if my newfound dominance held water, they asked. 

“How would you use it?”

Damn, I thought. I didn’t think I’d get this far. I pondered the many things I would do to them and came up with a scenario. 

“Hmmm. Let’s see.”

I looked into their eyes and licked my lips. 

“First, I’d get some rope and tie your wrist together.”


They promoted.

“Behind your back. Then I’d make you drop to your knees and tell you how pathetic you are.”

They nodded their head in agreement. 

“After that, I’d pull you by your hair until your mouth opened, spit in it, and then place that beautiful little rose in your mouth.”

My lover stayed frozen in shock and arousal as I smiled and sank back into my submissive role, but not before I teased them about how I always have the power (we are switches, we enjoy this cheesy exchange). 

Finally breaking the tension, I smiled and said. 

“Hello, Daddy!”

Smirking and grabbing my face, they said. 

“That’s more like it.”

The rest of the night, I continued to look, imagine, share and tease until I got us to our breaking points. Damn, window shopping for sex toys was some of the best foreplay I had in a while. 


If I need help getting hot and bothered, window shopping for sex toys is an incredible way for me to get into the mood. Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than the thoughts that fill the room and hearing/speaking my sexiest intentions out loud. Yowch! It gets me wet just thinking about it.  

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