Rabbit Vibe – First Time Erotica

I felt inspired by my last orgasm and decided to give non-fiction erotica a try. There’s not much to say except enjoy! 

Upon returning from the bathroom, he laid back next to me in bed: I then turned and said, “Why don’t you put your hand on my pussy?” I grabbed his hand and made two of his fingers play with my labia. He groaned with excitement about how pushy I was. Noticing his instant arousal, I shot my hand down his pants and grabbed his impressively hard cock. Squeezing him in my hand with little pulses, I listened to him moan; as his fingers played around my wet cunt. My pussy twitched with desire as I let go of his erection, and he began to lube up his penis; I watched with desire looking at it glisten. He then slipped on a rabbit cock ring, and I decided I wanted to ride. 

Climbing up on top, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. My pussy was soaking wet, and I was ready. I eagerly positioned myself over his cock, sat down, and began to grind. The rabbit’s ears stroked either side of my lips; my clit was sweetly rubbed by the nose on its face. I tried my hardest to edge myself by focusing on my breathing and slowing down but fuck it was too good. I couldn’t control myself, his cock was rubbing my g-spot, and my clit was ready to burst with need. I rode his cock faster, leaned down, and buried my head on his shoulder, wrapping my arms behind his neck.  It was then that I came, leaning over him, moaning and drooling. But it wasn’t over yet.

 He pulled me off his cock, and laid me over him, my breasts in his face. He stroked hard and fast to my breathy moans, basking in his accomplishment. His moans loudened as he shook with the desperate need to cum. My pussy began to ache again while watching him masturbate. His hand wrapped tight around his cock. I fell into a trance watching him stroke his shiny, lubed cock. Until finally, he came; his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and his body convulsed. I salivated as I watched the cum drip down his cock and hand. Being the cum slut that I am, just looking at the mess made me want to go again.

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