Glide Natural Feel Lube – Review

I got my hands on ID’s Glide Natural Feel Lubricant by spending $69.69 (get it? heh) at my local sex shop. I didn’t know this until a few weeks ago, but when you spend the lucky number 69, they give away free lube samples, at least that’s what the cashier told me. Regardless, I thought the samples were just begging for reviews, so today I’m reviewing Glide Natural Feel Water-based lubricant. 

 Product Price & Details

Glide Natural Feel Lube Sample

Glide Natural Feel lube retails comes in many sizes. There cheapest size is 2.2 oz for $5.49.

Glide is water-based, which means it’s compatible with almost all types of toys. Along with being compatible with toys, it’s also condom safe; ID’s official website states: “the formula it consists of was rigorously tested to ensure condom compatibility. It’s worth noting that Glide does contain glycerin, which can be an irritant to some people.

My Experience

I couldn’t think of a better name for this lube if I tried; Glide is the perfect way to describe what this product does. The product s impressively slippery and spreads incredibly easily with just normal play.  You also only need a small amount of it to achieve maxim slickness, which is always a plus. I only applied a small amount of the lube to my partner’s penis, and it made stroking him absolutely frictionless. And when I say frictionless, I mean frictionless; I had to squeeze his cock tighter, just to prevent my hand from slipping off. The perks don’t end there either. When climbing up on top of my partner, I found it hard to prevent myself from sliding down his penis due to how sleek it made him. Penetration is effortless with Glide.

As with anything with a good side, it usually has a bad side, and Glide does have a bad side. As with any water-based lubes, it dries out quickly, becomes sticky, and you can’t use it in the shower. 


Glide Natural Feel Lube gives me hope for the future of lube.  I honestly can’t believe how slick it made my partner, and even though the product doesn’t go above and beyond, it does do its job. I can’t fault it for the issues it has because other water-based lubes have the same problems. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had a good time with this product, so with that being said, I recommend it!  

Buy Glide Natural Feel Lube from the company’s official Amazon!

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