Daddy Says by Maggie Ryan – Book Review 

I thoroughly enjoyed Daddy Says by Maggie Ryan. It’s far fetched, cheesy, and hot, which is exactly how I like my erotica. The book does move fairly quickly, but at only 156 pages, it’s hard to criticize it. 


The book introduces us to waitress Jane Knight as she waits on handsome and wealthy businessman Sawyer Masterson (you read that correct Masterson, can you guess who he is?). Upon first meeting him, she turns into a pile of mush: tripping over her words, forgetting orders, and giggling like a schoolgirl. One thing leads to another, and by the end of the night, he leaves her a mysterious black business card with the word favored plastered on it. 

Upon returning home, she goes to the website, which is nothing more than a questionnaire for submissives. Jane finds herself excited and wary to become someone’s little, even though it’s what she dreamed about for years. Her fear gets the best of her, and she powers the pc off mid-question, disconnecting from Masterson. Feeling both a sense of relief and regret, she goes to bed.

When Jane returns to work the next day, she is mortified to see Sawyer Masterson sitting at one of her designated tables. After avoiding him all night, she finally tells him reluctantly she isn’t ready for a DD/LG (daddy dom/little girl) relationship. Masterson accepts her answer but shows up to her work every day until she’s ready. Finally, giving in to her own desires, she confronts Masterson and accepts his offer to be his little girl. 


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Daddy Says is the perfect book for those into daddy play and age play that’s on a less extreme side. The book only lightly touches on aspects of age play, and from the very beginning states, there will be no diapers or cribs. Which for a person like me who enjoys more of the dominance of a daddy than the age aspect, it’s perfect. 

Sawyer Masterson is surprisingly my type of daddy dom! A lot of time in these books, I find myself having my gripes with doms for their overly powerful ways both in and out of the bedroom, but author Maggie Ryan does a good job at writing a fuckable powerful dom. Even though he fits the usual stereotype of a wealthy businessman, he doesn’t feel like a flat and redundant character. Despite being likable at no point does this take away from his daddy power, Masterson is strict dom who allows a safe word; until it comes to punishment.

I’ve seen that the lack of a safe word did raise some eyebrows in other reviews, but for me, I just see it as a sexual fantasy. Sexual fantasies are sometimes a bit skewed, and in real life, it’s always important to make sure each partner consents and knows your rules and boundaries; but in erotica, these people are superhuman and know what you like before you say it, so I rarely hold it to real-life standards unless they are spreading false and dangerous viewpoints


Daddy Says by Maggie Ryan is well written, chaulked full of sex, and falls into a kink sweet spot. When I say kink sweet spot, I mean the book doesn’t overdo it or underdo the kink. A lot of the time with erotica, I find you get either vanilla or intense as fuck, but that isn’t an issue with Daddy says, it gives you a bit of both. I never found myself underwhelmed while reading, and because of its short length, it’s never boring, so If you have a daddy kink, I highly recommend reading it. Maybe it will even give you ideas for future play; I know it gave me some!

Buy Daddy Says on and as an added bonus it’s free if you have kindle unlimited!

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