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Orange Is The New Black Spanky Junior – Beginner’s Paddle

Orange Is the New Black Spanky Junior Review

Spanky Junior in front of pink background

This week my partner and I decided to try out our first paddle. Not knowing where to begin, we went to our local sex shop to overspend on yet another toy! After about a half-hour of looking, we left with Icon Brands’ Orange Is The New Black Spanky Junior.

Pricing & Packaging

I impatiently paid $15.99 for this paddle, but if you order it online, you can find it priced between $10-$20. 

Its packaging is orange and white with a photo of the product on the front. Fun fact, the photo on the front of the package is true to size, which lets you know exactly what you are getting!

Material & Measurements

Spanky Junior with fabric tape

The Spanky Junior material is faux leather. 

The box says it has a 7-inch length excluding the string, but I self-measured a length of about  6.75-inches. 

The width isn’t on the box. I measured the widest part of the paddle and got a width of about 3.69-inches. 

The Overview

paddle laying on bed

My partner enjoys a virtuous slap across the face during sex, and this paddle is the perfect size for it! The size allows me to make direct contact with his cheek, without the worry of painfully pushing air into his ear. 

I also enjoy the sensation when being spanked with it. My partner bent me over the bed and landed a few goods slaps to my ass. For the size and price, it produces a nice sting, that isn’t over the top but does leave a nice after-burn. If done correctly, you can leave some notable red marks as well. 

As a bonus in both situations, the paddle produced a satisfying crack noise with each hit.

Lastly, Both my partner and I find the size of the handle to be ideal for both smaller hands and bigger ones! I’m 5’1”, and my partner is 6’3”, which gives you an idea of the size range of our hands, but neither of us found it uncomfortable to hold. 

Besides the measurements on the box being slightly off, I have nothing negative to say about the performance of this product. 


paddle swinging

I’ve enjoyed my time with the Spanky Junior, and I plan to enjoy some more time with it! Honestly, there’s not a lot to hate about this product; it’s a wonderful first-time paddle. If you’re looking for a place to start, and find yourself intimidated by other paddles out there, I recommend you start with the Spanky Junior and work your way up! 

Buy the Spanky Junior at Icons Brand or Amazon*

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*buy from amazon with caution, they sell a lot of knock offs.

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