Strict Wood Paddle from Play Hard – Review

Strict Wood Paddle

The Strict Wood Paddle caught my eyes with its large blade and aerodynamic design. While to be honest, I saw a large mean-looking paddle, and my new to BDSM ass went, “you don’t know what that design is for, but buy it anyway.” If I took my head out of the gutter for a second, I would have seen that the tag explained the design. Regardless I am still new to wooden paddles; therefore, I did a lot of extensive research before writing this review. 

Pricing & Packaging

I paid $24.99 for the Strict Wood paddle. Online it ranges anywhere between $20-$30. After doing some research, I figured out that it’s one of the more affordable options when it comes to wooden spanking paddles. A lot of paddles can cost you anywhere from $40-$200!

As for the packaging, well, there is no packaging. When I purchased this paddle from my sex shop, it was nothing more than in a bin with the tag attached to the handle. 

Material & Measurements

Strict Wood Paddle

The tag on the handle of the Strict Wood Paddle says its “beach wood,” which I’m hoping the spelling of “beech” wood is a typo and not a sneaky marketing ploy to use a cheaper kind of wood. Though because beechwood is generally cheap, I feel confident enough to say it’s a typo. says that their product dimensions are: 17.75 inches in length, and 3.5 inches in width. But as always, I took it upon myself to measure the product, and I self-measured an entire length of 17.5-inches and a width of 3.25 inches. I also took a few extra measurements I think are important when buying a paddle:

Blade Size: 10.5-inches

Thickness: ½ inch

The Overview

When I first brought the Strict Wood Paddle, I told my partner, “this is only for you, it’s too scary looking for me.” But my damn sexual curiosity got the best of me, and I skipped into the kitchen, fluttered my eyes, and asked my partner, “can you use the paddle on me?” He looked at his food’s timer and told me to be ready. Despite the silly circumstance, the Strict Wood Paddle felt amazing. 

The size of the product makes it shockingly beginner-friendly. When I originally saw this paddle in the sex shop, I assumed it was for more advanced users because it looked fierce. Turns out that the bigger the paddle, the less pain there will be.

Bigger paddles equal less pain because the pain spreads over a larger impact area. Even though this paddle is large, it manages to create a good sting due to its aerodynamic design.

Close up of holes on strict wood paddle

 For those who are unfamiliar, because I was, the holes drilled into the paddle help make the spanking more painful. The science behind it is the holes not only make it easier to swing because wind can pass through it, but it also allows you to make direct contact with your partner’s ass with no cushion of wind caught between them and the paddle. And let me tell you it feels good. 

The paddle produces a sensual thump noise with every hit, as opposed to a snap that you get from faux leather products. With each strike, I felt no more than a light sting and a nice feeling of vibrations throughout my body.

I find that the product is user friendly as well. It’s super lightweight, and it’s very easy to produce a fast hard swing with little effort. The handle also is a good length that can accommodate most hand sizes, and my partner and I both found it comfortable to hold. 


I highly recommend the Strict Wood Paddle. With a price of $24.99, it’s hard to find complaints about the product. As a first time wooden paddle, I love it. It produces a seductive sting that is easily controlled by the user due to its light-weight design.

Sadly the Strict Wood Paddle has no reputable sites that sell them online. I will link the website the company recommends (which isn’t highly rated). Nonetheless, this product is still in major stores like Adam & Eve, so it’s always worth a review Extreme*

Looking for another beginner’s BDSM product? Check out my review on Spanky Junior.

*Warning: Even though the’s website directs you to, I would like to mention that their website has a questionable reputation on Trust Pilot.


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