Daddy Mocking Me Gets Me Wet

Daddy Mocking Me Gets Me Wet

When daddy mocks me, it overwhelms me with emotions and sexual desire. I love feeling bashful and vulnerable when I’m a sub, and my partner knows how to hit the right spots all the time. 

A year ago, we were just starting to experiment with what I wanted out of a daddy. The concept of a daddy dom made me wet, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted out of it. I knew that; I liked a man in a suit, the power exchange, and the way the title “daddy” rolled off my tongue, but I didn’t know what I wanted sexually. What about a daddy makes me tick? 

That’s when it hit me like a truck. A couple of months ago, my partner came out into the kitchen with a suit on, determined to figure out what gets me going. I was enjoying the view, the confidence, and of course, watching him cook. But it wasn’t until he playfully mocked my laugh did I realize what got me off. 

I have no clue what happened. The feeling of him mocking me made my entire body shiver with ecstasy. My overly expressive face gave me away, and my partner noticed my arousal. Boy, I was in trouble now. 

He playfully laughed and with a smile said.

“You like me teasing you?” 

I could feel my face get flustered as embarrassment filled me. He continued to tease me by calling out my kink. The more embarrassed I got the hotter I became. I was melting in my seat, shying away behind giggling and blushing; god, what a rush it gave me. If there was any real discomfort, I knew I could just call out our safe word, but I was living for it. 

I couldn’t believe how much power a little mocking had. He had me mentally bound from across the room with each teasing statement. He taunted me some more and then put his hand out for me to rest my chin and look at him adoringly. I happily skipped over and complied.

 Ever since then, I’ve been addicted to being teased, mocked, and pick on by Daddy, and it makes my cunt throb when he makes me swallow my pride and comply. 

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