Edible Mini Candle Trio – Earthly Body Review

Edible Mini Candle Trio

I jumped through hoops to get Earthly Body’s Edible Mini Candle Trio! They were scheduled for last week, but a truck was blocking my mailbox, which postponed the delivery. Then when I finally got the package, I received the wrong order. Lucky for me, Earthly Body has amazing customer service and promptly sent me the right item. Finally, last Monday, I got them! My curiosity couldn’t take it anymore, and I had to review them right away.

Pricing & Product Details

Earthly Body Edible Candle Trio in bag

The Edible Mini Candle Trio is $17.99 plus tax, and then shipping costs about $6-$7. It shows up in a plain brown box with Earthly body on the tag; however, they are not exclusively a sex product company; so, no one will question it.

The Candles come in a cute translucent fabric bag, with the tag “Massage Candle Threesome” attached. I love that they include a To and From label because I honestly think these would make adorable gifts. 

In the fabric bag, there are three different scented candles. I chose the original scents for this review, which are strawberry, watermelon, and cherry. Each mini candle is also equipped with lid labels to help you keep track of the flavors.

The Overview

My favorite thing about the Earthly Body’s Edible Mini Candle Trio is every candle smells mouthwatering. Each candle smells like a sweet treat. For me, I would say; Strawberry smells similar to strawberry jello; cherry smells like a cherry airhead, and lastly, watermelon smells like watermelon slush. The scents are deliciously powerful, and their aroma fills a room fast, especially for their size. 

When applying it to the skin, it has a silky smooth texture, and it’s not sticky at all! Usually, I worry about a product feeling sticky when it says “edible.” Instead, the candle’s oil leaves the skin feeling clean, soft, and moisturized. To make the entire experience sexier, the oil leaves a lingering sweet scent of candy, making me smell tasty and kissable.

Sadly they don’t taste as good as they smell. I will say, I hyped this product up a lot in my mind before I received it. When I read “Edible Massage Candles,” I assumed they would be bursting with flavor, especially when the product smells as strong and yummy as it does. Unfortunately, this product is almost completely flavorless.

For each of the candles, I find the oil’s scent to be breathtaking, yet licking it off is bland and only leaves you with the essence of the flavor in your mouth.


Edible Mini Candle Trio all Three

After trying all of Earthly Body’s Edible Mini Candle Trio, I can confidently say I like the product. I am a bit disappointed that they didn’t have more flavor, but edible doesn’t mean flavorful. Even with that small negative, I think the product is worth it. The candles are easy to use, fast melting, smell great, and leave me feeling sexy and clean. If you’re looking for something simple and sensual, I highly recommend them!

You can get your own set of Edible Massage candles at EarthlyBody.com


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