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This morning I awoke, and my trial for finally concluded; I could cry. But with the conclusion comes a new beginning and that new beginning is this review, so here you go! 

Plans & Sign Up

  • memberships
  • payment screen offers a $16.10 Week Trial, currently on sale for $6.65, and three permanent membership options. The three membership options are incredibly fair.

 If you pay for a Year membership, it will cost you about $108 paid in full, and it rebills every year unless canceled. Then there is the single month option, which will cost you $31, and does not rebill every month (great if you don’t remember to cancel). Lastly, they offer a Monthly membership that rebills every month, at $16.10, until canceled. 

All of these include downloads of 6 films a month, except for the Week Trial.  

  • newsletter email
  • signup confirm email
  • confirm email

After picking a plan, signup is fast. It covers the basics such as email, username, password, and payment information. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. Afterward, I received a confirm my newsletter subscription, confirm my membership, and a discrete receipt to my email.

Selection’s selection is 100% created and owned by them, which means you won’t be finding this content anywhere else. They have 28 different categories to choose from, including but not limited to my favorites; Kinky Sex, Couples Fucking & Artistic Porn. 

Besides films, the subscription includes galleries, stories, audio erotica, and downloads (not available for trial members). I think it’s spectacular that a considerable portion of their audio, writing, and galleries are connected. What I mean by connected is sometimes you will click on a gallery, and the page will have icons that say read the story and/or watch the film. After you follow the link, it will take you to the film the photos are from or a story that it corresponds to. Not only is this appreciated as someone who enjoys all types of erotic media, I think it makes it super accessible for those with disabilities.

When it comes to the content itself, I can safely say that it is of high quality!

My partner and I even go as far as to say that “it feels wrong/like a waste to rummage it.” The well thought out shots, multiple positions, and lighting make them feel like those steamy sex scenes that we never actually get to see in films. It should be noted that I find most of them to be so aesthetically pleasing that I just enjoy having them play on the tv to set a delightful sexual ambiance for the room.    


  • Part 1 Cancellation

When it comes to adult websites, the cancellation can become a stressful task. Is like all the rest? Thankfully, no. The cancellation process is initiated on frolicme’s website by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the Need to cancel link. It will take you through a three-step process. In step three, make sure you click the link that is relevant to you; if you do not click the link and fill out the form, your subscription is not canceled. If successful, a cancellation confirmation will be in your email.

Conclusion is the first porn site I have paid for, and it has been a phenomenal experience. I’m only moving on because I want to try a couple of other sites before I commit, but it has set the bar unreasonably high. So, I’ll probably be back. At the price point and quality, I don’t know if I will find a better deal. 

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