Reviews,  Store Reviews – Buying Experience – Review – Review pink and purple cloud thumbnail carries long-distance, wireless, and programable sex toys! Which is fantastic but, it does come with a large price tag. So when I saw they were having a sale, I decided it was an excellent opportunity to try a new company. 

Selection specializes in more advanced sex toys than the average retailer. Their inventory consists of different smart toys that can connect to the phone, each other, and/or VR games. Design-wise you’ll more than likely be familiar with these toys; however, their smart features are where they seem to thrive!

Shipping & Tracking 

When you order from, you will receive a confirmation, and a your order has been processed email. In the second email, there will be a tracking number free of charge. 

Are they really discreet?

Yes, not only are they discreet, they are fun! I found myself amused by their box, within a box, within a box method. 

What I mean is, they ship your product in a plain brown box with a label that says Shipping Dept, and in that box, the item/s are also in unmarked boxes. After that layer, the product will be found in its original, and more obviously looking, packaging. 


Truth be told, their unique packaging style won me over because it shows a real care for consumer privacy. created a stress-free and ultra-private shopping experience. Their emails were noninvasive and limited, and once I received my items, that was it. 

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