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“Look at that penis E-stim device,” I said to my partner as I pointed to an electro-sex cock ring. Reviewing isn’t going to be half bad, I thought to myself. A few weeks ago, came in contact with me to ask for a website review. “Sure!” I said and then gave them reviewer jargon on how all reviews are authentic and no review is guaranteed to be a good one. They agreed to my terms, and here we are, seeing if I will finally get scammed (at least this time, I didn’t pay for it). 

Selection is full of a variety of different sex toys. They have an assortment of XL dildos, remote-controlled sex toys, and plenty of bondage gear to go around. It takes a little bit to shuffle through just because their inventory selection is large, but once I went through it all, I found they had a little bit of something for everyone. 

I find the site to be fairly comfortable to navigate, with most (one sub-section does have a for women label) of the category labels being inclusive to all genders. I specifically enjoy the use of the term penis pleasure instead of male pleasure for their cock items. 

It is worth noting that their website does carry several products that are made from materials that are considered non-body-safe. For instance, they have dildos that consist of TPE & PVC materials, which are questionable due to the materials’ porosity. As a side note, I do know this knowledge because they label their materials, which allows me to make an informed decision for myself (always a plus). 

Shipping & Tracking Checkout with shipping and some calculated prices. offers free 3-4 day (usually) shipping on all orders (US & Canada) with the option to upgrade to UPS Ground (2 Days) or UPS Next Day Air Saver (1 Day) for a location-based calculated price. Along with shipping, they offer lost package insurance through Route for $0.98(Note: Route adds to the cart automatically, you can remove it if you desire). I went with the free shipping and left Route on as an extra precaution.   

After submitting an order, it can take 0-2 business days to process. I ordered my item on Friday, and it was fulfilled Monday.

After processing, ships the package out, and it should arrive in about 3-4 days (free shipping). My experience matched this, with my order being shipped out Monday (28th) and me receiving it on Thursday (31st).


When it comes to tracking, it’s impossible not to track a package from You blink, and it happens! The company itself sends out email updates on the process of your package all the way up to delivery so you’ll always know where your package is (I got a total of 8 emails regarding this purchase). On top of that, they use multiple tracking services, which allows you to check up on your package’s ETA from 3 (4 if you pay for Route) different locations! These locations are as follows: the classic UPS website, Aftership, Aftership through, and Route (+$.98). 

All the tracking methods they provide work fairly well, and in the end, they did what they needed to do; tell me when my package is shipping and tell me when my package is arriving

Out of all the tracking methods, Route performed the worst. The app had a bit of confusion about when the item was delivered, and it was the slowest of the apps to update. Even with its issues, Route does provide package protection, so they are relieving to have as an option. 

When it came to knowing where my package was during transit, Aftership performed the best! There is no app sign-up, simply download the app and input the tracking number for your package; from there, Aftership will notify you every time it moves, as well as ping you when it’s out for delivery. 

Are they really discreet? 

This is the most tension-driven part of the whole experience for me, seeing if it shows up in discreet packaging.

Did it?


The toy came in a gray padded envelope with the name blacked out and, from what I can tell, there is no identifiable information that says it’s a Hole Thumper (vibrator) or could be. The photo shown is of my 2nd order, which also arrived discreetly!


The billing is complicated; its discreetness depends on what method of payment you decide to use. The PayPal payment method falls into what I would call a gray area; the PayPal activity page shows the name Adultluxe but I have been informed that the statement on the bank card (if you use it)  will show up as “PAYPAL *Bozzata.”

The debit/credit* card methods are completely discrete and show up on the billing statement as Bozatta LLC

*In my experience, use a debit card; the system did have some trouble authenticating my credit card information. 

Customer Service (Regarding a 2nd order) 

Their customer service is responsive and helpful. Instead of canceling my order when an item was out of stock, they contacted me directly via email and asked if I would be interested in other similar products. Then instead of making me fend for myself on the Adultluxe website, they sent me their own recommendations (complete with photos) to pick from.

The recommended products were of equal value, and they didn’t try to over or undersell me.

The process was smooth, and it didn’t take much time to get the item sent my way once I answered the email. 

Final Thoughts

I received my item (check 1) in the time frame they said (check 2), and it arrived in discrete packing (check 3)! Needless to say, my time shopping at will not be over; I already have my eyes on some of their e-stim devices. is a company that carries some wild and innovative sex items, and if you know what you’re looking for/how to shop body-safe, there are plenty of exciting and experimental toys to buy!

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