sub sandwich with types of submissives as filling

In a previous article, I’ve discussed the types of Doms that you may come in contact with in the BDSM community; but what I didn’t talk about, was the types of subs you may come in contact with. And what’s a Dom without a sub to boss around? Probably sad & bored. From sassy brats to obedient slaves, let’s explore the different types of submissives that drive Doms wild!

What is a Submissive (Sub)

The submissive is the one who gets told what to do in a D/s relationship. They can choose to listen or not, but this doesn’t come without consequences. A sub’s role can range from “I will do whatever you say, Master” to “Why should I?!” and each one has a Dom type that is more than willing to take care of them.

What are the Types of Submissives


Coloring, stuffies, and video games, Oh My! A little/middle/teen is a sub who role plays an age much younger than they are. The age someone picks varies on interests and personal feelings, but usually, they fall between the (pretend) ages of 0-16.

These submissives pair well with Caregivers (Doms type) who want to give them the care, affection, and discipline they yearn for and desire. Care varies with littles due to the age range that they can pick from. A 2-year-old age player might enjoy diaper play, while a 13-year-old age player might be a fashionista. 

Whatever the want, the usual purpose of engaging in this type of age play is to destress and forget about “adult things”. Though many also use it to better themselves and create healthy habits that their Caregivers enforce. 


“Make Me!” When sub utters these words, there’s a good chance that they’re a brat. 

A brat is a type of submissive who likes to misbehave. They adore pushing buttons and seeing just how much their Dom will take before they dish out their well-deserved punishment. A brat marches to the beat of their own drum, hoping that someone will change their rhythm and put them in their place. That someone is usually a Brat Tamer (Dom). 

Brats are common within the CGL community though there can be bratty subs in all of the D/s dynamics. 

Slaves (Objects)

If the idea of handing over all your control to someone sounds freeing and exciting, then you might be a slave. A slave, sometimes referred to as an object, desires to obey and serve their Owner’s (Dom) wishes. These wishes can range from being a footstool to making coffee; whatever they may be, the slave will obediently comply with them all (within reason). 

Slaves rarely have an off button and will often have to ask for permission for daily things such as going to the bathroom or bed. A slave trust that their dominant has their best interests at heart and knows that they can speak up if things truly did get out of hand. This dynamic is usually 24/7, with negotiated exceptions. 

Pay Pigs (Money Slaves) 

“I worship you and will give you all the money you ask for.”  These are the words that you’ll more than likely hear come out of a Pay Pig’s mouth. Pay Pigs, sometimes referred to as Money Slaves, are submissives who get pleasure out of giving their Doms money (usually lots of it!). 

These subs get enjoyment out of surrendering all or most of their money and leaving themselves broke for the chance to please their money-loving Findom, who usually returns their gratitude in the form of insults and degradation. 

Money slaves get fulfillment from giving their money to a person who they think deserves it as a way of giving up their own power. 


A pet is a type of submissive* human who enjoys behaving and being treated like an animal. Their Dom is usually a Handler/Owner who takes care of their animalistic needs. Though, there are pets who engage in solo play, or play with other pets (dogs sometimes form dog packs). How a pet wants to be treated by its Owner can vary greatly because a pet can be a puppy, horse, cat, or any other type of animal, but as you can imagine, this makes each pet’s wants completely unique (just like real ones). 

Pets tend to engage in this type of play because it allows them to be carefree and fun-natured though some enjoy the degrading aspects of it as well. Regardless of what they get out of it, it seems that those who have owners relish in the bond that taking care of someone as an animal creates.

*Not all Pets are submissive. I have heard of instances where a pet player will take on the role of an aggressive animal and Dom their partner/s as it. 

Final Thoughts

What one gets out of submission is completely unique to each individual sub. For some, they are chasing the feeling of degradation, for others, they are pursuing the loving carefree nature of letting yourself go. But, what it all comes down to is, no matter what type of submissive you are, whether you want to be beaten into submission or willingly give it away, the type of sub you choose to be is valid and no amount of defining can tell you that!


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