And begin it did.

James applied a generous amount of the warm oil onto Janet’s cool skin. She moaned in delight as the oil heated her back and got rid of her chills. Slowly he began to rub his hands up and down her back, making sure to loosen even the tightest parts. As her muscles relaxed, so did her mind, and it was almost as if the day she had was already a distant memory. The more Janet relaxed, the more attuned with her senses she became, and she began to notice even the littlest of details James put together for her, such as her favorite piano pieces being played quietly in the background. The thought of this strategic planning all for her made her hot. 

Janet returned her attention to the room and relished in the sensation of James’ hands on her skin. He was now working her thighs, sliding his hands effortlessly up and down, getting dangerously close to Janet’s hot zones. 


She thought to herself

That feels awfully good.

She began to focus on how James’ hands began to brush past the lips of her labia as he kneaded her inner thigh and how her ass would shake under his movements. The thin piece of panties separating her skin from his hands made it all the more tantalizing for her. Janet began to prop her ass up and wiggle it a bit in an attempt to bait James’ into playing; however, he woefully acted dumb towards her advances because he had other plans. Still, Janet persisted, rubbing back onto the bulge in his pants, still, James held his composure and continued with the massage.  

Arousal began to overwhelm Janet, she was on the brink of telling James to just take her panties off and fuck her, no more games! That was until James attempted to lighten the tension by asking the one thing Janet didn’t want to hear.

“How was the lunch meeting?”

The lunch meeting? Janet thought to herself, boggling her brain to think about the day. 


She exclaimed as the thoughts of the day came back. 


That was all Janet got to say before she began to ruminate on the work lunch again. Her newly found loose muscles began to tighten as her brain became filled with thoughts of dread. Feeling overwhelmed by her own emotions, Janet jerked up in frustration, accidentally bumping James into the night table, dropping and cracking the lid off the oil, spilling it all over the floor.

Want to know what happens to Janet? Stay tuned for part 2! In the meantime why not check out Business Discipline?


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