Business Discipline Part 1 – Erotica

Jennifer looked at the frost on the window and regretted the decision of moving her desk in front of it. Sure, the view was breathtaking; nonetheless, the pain from her prolonged cold nipples didn’t care about that. Throwing on a cardigan, she went back to work. Agreeing to stay an extra two hours sounded good at 2-pm, when it was still bright out, but now at 5, the sky was dark. 

Still shivering, Jennifer decided to treat herself to her favorite drink from Cafe Tazza Piccola, a double chocolate peppermint cocoa with extra whipped cream.  


She thought as she clicked the check out button. Seeing that the wait time for delivery was 45 minutes, she returned to work until she heard a knock at the door. 

No call? How quaint.

She thought before responding. 

“Come in!”

Her eyes lit up as the door opened and there stood her boss Mr. Craften, with a cup of cocoa in hand. 

“I figured this could only be yours.”

He said. Closing the door and putting the cup on her desk, he expressed his appreciation. 

“Thank you for staying on a night like this; I’d imagine you’d rather be home.”

Pulling the hot cup closer, Jennifer moaned as the warmth began to spread across her palms. 

“Drinking this cocoa, cuddled on the sofa. Yeah.” 

Her comment invoked a smirk across his face.

“You can at least pretend you’re happy to see me.” 

He joked. 

“You’re a delight; however, I can think of a lot better things to do than spreadsheets on a cold Friday night.”

She snipped.

Quirking an eyebrow,  Mr.Craften tested her statement.

“Like what?”

Looking up from her cocoa, Jennifer answered like a smart ass.

Like drinking this cocoa, cuddled on the sofa.”

Narrowing his eyes and leaning in, Mr. Craften’s energy became the biggest thing in the room. Jennifer’s eyes watched as he pinched the key that hung around her neck in his fingers.

“Or like learning what this key is to?” 

Her eyes became crossed as she tried to look at the key that hung above her breast; finding it charming, Mr. Craften laughed.

“You really are a cute thing.” 

He growled these words and grinned.

Falling back into her chair, Jennifer attempted to release herself and the necklace. Only successfully doing the latter, as Mr.Craften’s gaze melted her. 

She has been submitting to him for almost 2 years and still has yet to find a way to break his spell. Her mind raced as he made his way behind her desk chair. Turning off her monitor, Jennifer admired his towering reflection behind her. God, she’d never been the “I need a man to take charge” type, but he just made her want it. 

Leaning down, he purred in her ear.

“Kitten, I have a surprise for you.” 

Undoing the clasp of her necklace, he gently took the key and bent down to open the bottom drawer of the desk. Looking up while turning the key, Mr.Craten noticed that Jennifer went from work professional to bumbling little girl in a matter of seconds.  And he found it completely irresistible.

She sat with her fists loosely balled up, softly pressing into her thighs, bashfully smiling down at him, waiting. 

“You look so cute; I almost want to make you wait a bit longer.”

Pouting and crossing her arms, Jennifer rolled her eyes.

“That’s not fair.” 

A still silence entered the room. She gulped as the noise of the lock clicked back into place. She pushed her luck. 

Leaving the key hanging out of the lock, Mr.Craften stood up, his 6 foot 3 stature towering over her.

“Stand up.”

He demanded. Complying to his wishes, she stood, facing him, hands crossed in front of her. 

“You need to stop talking back, missy.” 

Taking both her wrists in one hand, he slid her hands over the desk. Now bent over, he pulled her skirt up and tights down, exposing her glistening wet pussy.

Smirking in delight, he placed one hand on her back and used the other to caress the skin of her ass. Using light circular motions, his hand primed the area. Jennifer bit her lip in anticipation and looked up to see his reflection on the monitor. Her heart skipped a beat when he looked back, locked eyes, and said.

“You ready, little girl?”

Tightening her body and closing her eyes, Jennifer nodded yes. She always pushed her luck with him; she enjoyed being a brat; it was part of the game. And now Daddy had to punish her.  Raising his hand only a couple of inches away, he placed a couple of light warning taps on her ass just before filling the room with the cracking impact of his hand across her ass.  

Letting out a moan of both pleasure and pain, she barely began to feel the slow burn from the first strike before he came in again with another stronger strike. Over and over again, his hand crashed against her ass and stung the skin. He didn’t stop till her legs were shaking. 

“I’m sorry.”

She moaned, draped over the desk, ass still out, now bright red and glowing.

“I’m sorry what?”

His tone teased.

“I’m sorry, daddy.” 

She responded, refraining from another eye roll and a spanking. 

“Now, will you be a good girl so Daddy can give you his gift?” 

To be continued…

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