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I prefer the idea of ordering from a small-time company than a huge corporate establishment. Yet, until now, I’ve been reviewing things from and Adam&Eve. I decided to change that when I saw The Kinkery, a BDSM shop that specializes in, I quote; “weapons of ass destruction and other BDSM toys.” How could I not try them? 


kinkypinkyblog: I'm so interested in these! Which one would you say hurts more?thekinkery: @kinkypinkyblog according to kayla the 2mm hurts worse as she feels it quicker.

While scrolling through Instagram, I came across a demonstration of a product The Kinkery called evil sticks (yes, I did get it, and a review IS coming). 

Evil Sticks?

I thought.

I’ll stay and watch.  

And within only a few minutes, I needed one. I quickly rushed to put in my credit card information. I didn’t google the company or check their credentials; Hell, I figured:

“I’ll either get an evil stick, or I’ll get ripped off.”

And, to me, it was a risk worth taking. 

Why did I tell you this? Because that is what The Kinkery’s selection does. It draws you in. I went in looking for evil sticks and found myself joyously scrolling through pretty and unique paddles and plugs. I can’t say a lot of adult shops do that. Their selection is well priced, handcrafted, and so god damn fun!

Shipping & Tracking

The Kinkery is ran by real people, not machines, so they do specify shipping days. You can read the details on their F&Q page.  ( ) As for the price of shipping, that does vary by location. 

I ordered from them this month (December); therefore, my item shipped as quickly as next day! And When I checked my email, I received a confirmation, finished processing, and tracking number email. All of which I appreciated! My package arrived early and completely unflawed. 

Are they really discrete? 

Now, for the answer you have all been waiting for, drum roll, please. Is The Kinkery truly discrete, or will KINK CLUB ASS PLUG be on the label? Sweat it no longer because they are discrete. The packages are just plain brown boxes, and the label merely says John Brownstone.

And if you want to add a bit of extra privacy to your transaction, during checkout you can also opt-out of the newsletter (but why would you want to!) and making an account.


It’s hard to find an adult shop with unique products; most just provide you with the same old starter toys you saw before with different packaging; The Kinkery is not one of those shops. I find myself reading the product descriptions just to see what each design/toy does. It’s a shop that’s run by creative kinksters with a drive to find amusing ways to inflict pain and pleasure; what more could I ask for? 

Shop today! 

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