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A few years ago, while scrolling through my Unidays app, I came across “A sex shop giving student discounts?” I thought. “Count me in!” No, actually I didn’t think much of it, until one day I went to buy my first sex toy and what do you know the only shop that had it was Eager to finally use my student discount, I put my order through, and that is when our relationship began. 

Selection has an impressive selection of products. Like most online sex shops, they seem to stock inventory with everyone in mind. I will say, unlike most online sex shops, they have a huge selection for each category, making it easy to find the perfect toy.  It’s tremendously effortless to get lost on the site hours.

Even so, that inventory does contain a good amount of non-body-safe sex toys. Almost all retailers carry sex products that can be considered non-body-safe. I’m not going to fault LoveHoney on that. However, I will fault them for their vague material descriptions of products. It seems that more questionable products on the website will just list hard plastic or soft plastic, which is completely unhelpful if you’re looking to buy something safe.

Shipping & Tracking 

Shipping can cost anywhere between $10-$30, depending on the speed you choose at check out, while orders over $60 ship free. 

I have been shopping at for a few years now, and I haven’t paid for anything above standard shipping. Why? Because I haven’t felt the need to, all of their orders arrive swiftly within a week, and they provide you with up to date tracking information. is one of those fantastic sites that provide you with a tracking number. Much like most of the retailers that implement this, I applaud them. 

Are they really discrete? 

Lovehoney is absolutely 100% without a doubt in my mind discrete. All of their packages arrive in plain brown boxes, and the labels show no indicator of what’s inside. Unless you provide your email, doesn’t contact you, send things to your house, or anything like that once you get your package delivered. Just like a good one-night stand, unless you want them again, they’ll leave you alone. 


I like, but I can’t say I love them. Their large selection of items, frequent sales, and student discount program keeps me coming back again and again. Yet, the way they seem to leave out or simplify vital information when it comes to ingredients rubs me the wrong way. I don’t care that they carry these products; I just care that don’t they label them transparently.  I’m not asking them to be perfect, just honest. In short, I think Lovehoney has a lot to offer. I have had many positive experiences with them; their inventory even came to my rescue with Bondage Boutique’s face dildo when no one else had it. So if you know what materials to look out for, can be a convenient stop when you don’t know where else to go. 


 For tips on shopping at go to, Who to Avoid? -The Disgusting World of Sex Toys


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