Top 3 Reasons I love Morning Sex

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If you asked me to name one of the Seven Wonders of the World, I’d name morning sex

If you asked me for advice on how to spice up your day, I’d recommend morning sex; whether solo or partnered.

If you asked me: “what is one thing you could use more of?” I would say morning sex

Are you getting that I love morning sex

Welp, if you didn’t already, you sure will, because my love for the daylight tango inspired today’s article on my top 3 reasons I love morning sex.

It gets me ready for the day 

Morning sex gets me ready for the day by putting a little pep in my step and making me feel like I can take over the world. I recently found out that your first waking hour sets the entire tone for the rest of the day. And what’s a better way to start your day than with a shot of pure orgasmic dopamine? The first few times I had morning sex, I thought I just happened to have good days on the days I had sex; however, it turns out that dopamine (a chemical released during sex) can help you have a better day due to its feel-good properties.

On top of feeling happier, I also feel energized. When I first wake up, the idea of entertaining myself for sex sounds the least bit appealing, yet after some lazy side humps, I’m jumping up and riding my lover like a pro. Why is that? Well, sex charges me up like a cup of joe, with little to none of the crash. 

It’s incredibly euphoric without the help of drugs. 

Waking up to my partner’s warm breath whispering sweet nothings in my ear is unbelievably arousing in the morning. It might seem like an exaggeration; however, It’s comparable to the feeling I get during sex high. My freshly awakened senses are quickly overstimulated, and I’m transported into a world of shivering ecstasy. Everything feels more intense, and I even find myself anxietyless (Much like with pot). Oh, and on days you find yourself wanting something particularly intense like I do, I recommend a wake, bake, and fuck. 

It’s Hot 

Frankly, seeing my partner laid out with messy hair and a sweaty body in the morning is pretty fucking hot. I can barely control myself when I come back from the bathroom and see them sprawled out, tiredly peaking in anticipation. Then they speak, and that morning growl calls me into their arms and onto their cock. As if witnessing someone in such a natural state isn’t enough, the emotional intimacy is incomparable to anything I have felt before. That silly bedhead or nasty breath you’re told to worry about is a thing of the past when it comes to morning sex. Everything is literally off from your clothes to that cat eyeliner you wore the night before. The level of comfort it takes to have morning sex creates a unique layer of togetherness between those involved. 


The level of intimacy that morning sex gives you makes it incomparable when it comes to other kinds. It’s sweet and sensual yet simple and vanilla. There are a variety of different ways to enjoy it. I find I never have enough morning sex in my life, and if I had it every morning, there still wouldn’t be enough mornings for me to be satisfied.

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