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If you read my review on The Kinkery week, you already know that I risked it all to get a 2mm Evil Stick; however, I didn’t explain what the fuck an evil stick was. Today I break down what this devilish toy does and see if it lives up to its name!

Price & Product Details 

For the fair price of $23.00 plus calculated shipping and handling, you too can own a 2mm Evil Stick. And, as an added bonus, there is no need to worry about if you are getting the best deal because the Evil Stick is a one of a kind product, and it is currently only sold at The Kinkery.

So you know the price, but what is an Evil Stick?

I’m finally going to answer this question. An Evil Stick is a..uh. To tell the truth, I find it a bit difficult to describe it in words, so bear with me.

An Evil Stick is a “carbon fiber rod with a wood handle” (Click on the text to watch the two behind the madness explain). The aim is to bend the rod back slightly (careful not to break it) and snap it against the skin. This creates a less than delightful burning effect perfect for pain sluts and punishment junkies alike. 

The Overview

I didn’t plan to get the Evil Stick used on me; fate just has a way of finding my ass.

When I bought the Evil Stick, I intended to torture my resilient submissive. I took it out of the box, flicked it a couple of times across my calf, and thought.

This doesn’t hurt.

Then I flicked it a couple more times and thought.

Ok, it’s starting to hurt.

Finally, I stopped worrying about breaking the thing, gave it a good dozen snaps, and regretted everything. The first couple of hits stung, but they were bearable. Then came snap #4. This was the snap that startled me, and I jumped to soothe the area in pain.

Did I learn? No. Now intrigued, I continued, and damn it this thing gets crazy. 

Real Use

Excited to torment my pet with it after trying on myself, I ran into the bathroom and surprised them with a couple of playful snaps. However, that was the only taste they had of it because, by the time I got around to really using it, the dynamic changed; I was a bumbling little girl waiting for daddy to punish me. And Punish me he did.

Pulling down my pants and bending me over my lover snapped and snapped and snapped until I begged them to stop, and still, they continued (It’s ok, we have a safe word I didn’t call it;). I found that the sting not only gets more painful with each crack, but the afterburn also seems to last longer.

Any Marks?

So far, the Evil Stick hasn’t left any lasting evidence on my body. It did leave red spots when initially using it; even so, within an hour, they went away. My partner and I commend the Evil Stick for being able to cause an impressive amount of pain with little to no marks. Don’t let this deter you because I strongly believe that with some time, patience, and a hash steady flick, you can make a longer-lasting impression. 

Update: I was right! I just realized the night before posting this that I do have slight bruising in the area I did test trials on.

Final Thoughts

2mm Evil Stick under The Kinkery business card

I fear, love, and lust over the 2mm Evil Stick. My dominant side strives for its power, while my submissive side bows at its feet. The product is simple, affordable, and effective; it is unlike anything I have seen on the market, and I can’t wait to use it again (or maybe I can?). 

In the mood to cause some pain? Get your Evil Stick at The Kinkery!

The 2mm Evil Stick is no longer available due to issues with durability, try out the 3mm Evil Stick instead!


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