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Business Discipline Part 3

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With the key still dangling tantalizingly from the keyhole, Daddy reached to unlock the drawer. Pulling it open and revealing an elegant blue glass dildo, strategically laid on white silk fabric. Jennifer peered down from the desk, and her eyes lit up with excitement.

She rushed to grab it and was promptly stopped.  

“Not yet little one, that’s going to be way too cold.”

She pouted and disappointedly questioned him.

“Well, how do you expect to heat it?”

Shaking his head in slight disapproval and picking the toy up, he responded.

“Patience. I just got it out of the draw.”

Knowing her excitement was only innocent, he smiled at her before walking off and leaving the room. 

Tempted to touch herself while she was alone, Jennifer resisted. She wanted to be a good girl so she could get her nice new toy. Distracting herself by twiddling her fingers, Daddy was back before she knew it, with a thermos and no toy in hand. Deciding she had done enough questioning tonight, she didn’t ask. Placing the thermos on the desk, he returned in front of her.

“Now, where were we.”

Dropping back down to his knees, he kissed and licked her swollen lips, finally sticking his tongue in to get a taste. 


A deep, bassy moan escaped his mouth and vibrated her pussy. His eyes rolled in the back of his head, relishing in her taste. God, when he had her like this, he could taste her forever. Disengaging from his pleasure to regain his composure, Daddy stood up and assisted Jennifer off of the desk. 

Resting his hand on the back of her neck, he said.

“Would you look at that view.” 

These words acted more as a distraction than an actual conversation. Bending her over and pressing her face up against the glass, he shoved his fingers into her pussy, tightening his grip on the back of her neck just like she liked. 

The cold from the window almost went unnoticed, for she was preoccupied with a desire to cum. Her moans filled the room and fogged the glass as Daddy surprised her with a few seconds of a vicious finger fuck that brought her trembling. Now begging with her words, mind, and body, Daddy decided it was time.

Stopping to reach and open the thermos, he pulled the blue glass dildo out of steaming water. Being careful not to let it cool, he immediately pressed it up against her slit and pushed the bulbous end in. The warmth and stretch overwhelmed Jennifer, as the toy was purposely rocked against her g-spot. 

Her body shook. Her breath quickened. She couldn’t take it anymore. The words. 

“You can cum.” 

Rang through her ears as she allowed her body to let go.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

She moaned and whispered to herself.

“It feels so fucking good.” 

Closing her eyes and silently screaming in pleasure, she began to cum. A few moments later, exhaustion kicked in, and Jennifer collapsed only to be caught by her one and only Daddy. 


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