My luck with using coconut oil as an intimate rub has run out. I’ve been on a search for a quality lube brand that doesn’t make me want to tear my skin off from the stickiness. And, yes, I know that oil-based brands are out there but none of these can be used with silicone toys or condoms which is a major bummer for me. I hate needing 2-3 different types of lubes because they’re not all compatible. All of this has led me on a search for the ideal lube that doesn’t cause me problems. That’s when I came across Überlube.


Überlube’s Good-To-Go Refills are intended to refill the Good-to-Go Traveler cases but I never tried the product before and bought them as a sample. I can’t remember what I actually paid for these because I didn’t plan to review them, but they came from a local sex shop, so significantly more than the official website which has them for $17.50.

Product Details 

Überlube’s Good-To-Go Refills come packaged with two 15ml bottles of lube. The containers are glass and equipped with built-in pumps for easy application.

Überlube is a fragrance-free silicone-based lubricant. It is made up of 4 ingredients 1 being Vitamin E and the other 3 being different types of silicones. It’s worth noting that only 1 of the 3 silicones they use is considered completely safe; that one being Dimethiconol. The other two silicones Cyclomethicone & Dimethicone are considered questionable. 

Learn more about the ingredients in A Simple Introduction to the Types of Lubes

Überlube’s silicone-based serum means it won’t disrupt your body’s natural pH and it’s safe to use with latex condoms. 

Do be careful when using silicone lubes with other silicone products. Silicone tends to degrade silicone. Always do a spot test before using a silicone toy, other toys are fine.

Personal Experiences

I was a skeptic when it came to Überlube’s claims of ‘no sticky residue’.’ That’s what they all say I thought. Granted I never tried a silicone-based lubricant before but a silky lube that is condom-safe and tackless sounds too good to be true.

Feel & Duration

I’ve been owning this product for a couple of months now, and I have to say, I’m completely in love with it.  As soon as Überlube touched my skin, it felt too good to be true.

It applies smoothly and creates an instantly frictionless surface with just 1-2 squirts. It’s also long-lasting, I only have to apply it about 1-2 times for an average session. It’s comparable to oil lubes but better. Better, because it’s not as heavy on the skin, and doesn’t leave me feeling slightly greasy afterward.

Final Thoughts

Überlube has exceeded my expectations when it comes to lube. I’ve always been of the belief that you either get oil-based lube or settle with a little bit of sticky residue. And thanks to Überlube, that belief has been shattered. It goes on silky, dries smooth, and leaves me feeling clean without a shower. 

This wasn’t even a product I planned to review. I went to the sex shop looking for myself and left with a sex-altering experience that I had to share. This is an amazing product and I could go on about it forever.  

Überlube has changed the market when it comes to lube and I feel sorry for any lube I use after it because it has some major shoes to fill. 

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