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The popular belief about sexual desire is that it is automatic, at least between us laymen. Now, what if I told you the popular belief is wrong and desire can fade over time? Some may say, “that hasn’t happened and won’t happen,” while others will sigh in relief. This book review is for those who sighed in relief. Better Sex Through Mindfulness By Lori Brotto is a self-help book that teaches you how to formulate sexual desire, one breath at a time!


Written by Psychologist Dr. Lori Brotto, Better Sex Through Mindfulness is a self-help book with a clear goal; so clear in fact that the author states it! Dr. Brotto wrote this book to bring awareness to low sexual desire issues in women and to empower them to cultivate their feelings of sexual desire so they can enjoy sex as the pleasurable act it’s meant to be. She accomplishes both these goals with flying colors.

By showing us research and data, Dr.Brotto proves to us that desire isn’t automatic and that sexual functioning can improve with mindfulness practice. After all this, she teaches us how to cultivate our own feelings of sexual desire.  

The book covers years and years of research and therapy conducted by the author on the topic of mindfulness (both related and non-related to sex) which is described in the book as the practice of “fully inhabiting the present moment, without trying to change anything. It involves complete acceptance of who you are and what your experience is without judgment.” While describing the out-of-this-world benefits mindfulness has had on people’s lives, the author also gives us step-by-step instructions on how to do it ourselves.


This is another one of those books that are directed at women that I think everyone should read regardless of their gender because a lack of sexual desire can affect you no matter who you are, and mindfulness has been known to help those of all walks of life.

Better Sex Through Mindfulness manages to cram years of information into a 272-page book and not make it feel like a death sentence. The author takes their time to write from their well welcomed scientific viewpoint in a way that most can understand.

Dr. Brotto opens our eyes to the causes, roots, and habits that affect our sexual functioning and then offers us a sensitive alternative to modern just take a pill medicine, which is mindfulness practice. And just to be clear, she doesn’t expect you to know a lick about it.

Taking this different approach to human sexual dysfunction, Dr. Lori Brotto knew everyone wouldn’t be a meditator, and her book reflects that. The practices described in the reading are diverse and consider all levels in mind, from beginner to elite.  

Final Thoughts

I loved it so much I’m having my partner read it. Better Sex Through Mindfulness is an informative and helpful book that has forever changed my approach to pleasure. Reading this book made me realize I beat myself up a lot, and I need to be a lot more compassionate with myself if I want to fully appreciate my sex life, and that’s something I can never forget.

Better Sex Through Mindfulness has impacted my life greatly, and I use the practices found in this book daily. So, if you’re looking for a book that will change your life, both sexually and normally, I’d recommend starting with this one. 

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