Max 2 bluetooth masturbator with neutral sleeve

The Max 2 Bluetooth Masturbator by Lovense is the sex toy of the 21st century. With bluetooth connectivity, long distance controls and the ability to connect with other sex toys, it’s the masturbator with features you never knew you wanted.

Pricing & Product Details

  • Max 2 Bluetooth Masturbator Box front
  • Max 2 Bluetooth Masturbator Box back

The Max 2 retails at around $199 and is currently on sale for $99. I excitedly got mine in a dual pack with the Nora Bluetooth Vibrator for a sale price of $190; ergo, I’m not exactly sure what I spent on it. 

When first opening the Max 2, it will come with a user manual, a magnetic charging wire, and of course, the main attraction, the Max 2, and let me tell you, this baby isn’t humble. 

This masturbator has an impressive overall length of 9.5-inches with a whopping 10.5-inch circumference. Don’t let those measurements fool you though, because it fits a max penis length of 6.5-inches and caps out at a girth of around 5.7 inches. Oh, and if you wanted to know, the jelly-like sleeve is TPE plastic. 

To get started with the Max 2, hold the wave button for three seconds to turn it on. Once on, control the toy by using either the two buttons on the front or the Lovense app.

The App

If you read my review of the Nora, feel free to skip this section, it’s the same app and the same information. If not, continue!

The Lovense app allows you to connect and control the Max 2 Bluetooth Masturbator’s settings directly from your smartphone. If you have a partner you want to play with, simply have them download the app and call them to hand over control. 

If you have multiple Lovense toys, this is where it gets cool, they can connect with other toys no matter the type, and you can connect as many as you want. This allows you to control each other as well as engage in an in-app feature called long-distance sex. 

Long-distance sex is a unique feature that allows your partner to “feel” what you are doing with their toy.

For instance, my partner and I tried it out with Max & Nora, and when I shook my vibe, their Max 2 would vibrate and contract in sync with mine. It works surprisingly well, and the idea behind it is incredibly fun; however, it uses both the contractions and the vibrations with no options to customize the experience (no vibrations only?), so that’s a bit of a bummer.  

That aside, Lovense went above and beyond and has some other amusing features such as setting custom patterns and hooking up your vibe to your lover’s voice. How awesome is that? 

Unfortunately, the app isn’t perfect, and I did find a strange issue with the app where I can’t turn my partner’s volume down all the way, which is a bit silly in case I had to emergency mute a killer orgasm. Personally, I think the default volume for the calls is way too loud. I can have my headphones plugged in, thrown on the bed, and I can still hear it. I do wish the app would have more discreet options. 

Battery Life & Charging

Max 2 charging port

To test the battery life of the Max 2, I charged it up all the way, set a timer, and let it run on multiple different settings until it died. I did this twice, and both times I got a battery life of around an hour and six minutes. This greatly differs from the claim of 3-3.5 hours of continuous use time on the back of the box.

On a more positive note, the approximated two-hour charge time seemed to be an overestimate (or an extremely dead battery) because my Max 2 only took around 1-1.5 hours to charge from dead. 


“How are the vibrations?” I asked.

“I think they’re fucking phenomenal!” my partner responded.

Well, that takes care of this section. 

No, In all seriousness, my partner said that the Max 2 has an impressive range of vibration when using the in-app sliders (not the buttons!). They specifically said that the low settings are “nice and weak” while the high settings are “very strong.” 


“And how did the contractions feel?” I ask for both this article and my own interests. 

“I think I got them to work correctly once, and it felt good when I did. The issue is the sleeve needs to be directly lined up with the nob, or it doesn’t work correctly. When it did work though, it wasn’t too squeezy; it felt nice and squeezy. Though, I’d say it’s good for shoving and leaving on. I don’t notice it as much if I stroke it.” 

And as a person without a penis, I couldn’t have said it better myself. They then told me we need to try them out a bit more; however, because the setting is so loud, we haven’t been able to in our current situation. 

Local Connection

While connected to the Max 2 via Bluetooth, I discovered the experience to delectable. The remote feature in the app is impeccably accurate and sensitive to real-time input, which in turn makes creating patterns fun.

For a more conventional type of involvement, the Max 2 also has two classic-style buttons on the front; one that looks like a wave and one that looks like a fan. 

The wave button controls the seven vibration types, along with being the off and on switch. To turn the device on, hold the button for 3 seconds; it will vibrate once and blink green when it’s on.  When on, use the same button to toggle through the vibration settings. 

The fan button controls the contraction settings. There are three different ones to choose from, and much like the wave button, just click it to toggle through the contraction settings. 

Long Distance 

My partner didn’t have anything to complain about when it came to using the toy long distance. They said, and I quote again, “the second you do something, it happens on my end. I’m not sure if that’s actually true, but it feels that way.” And I can vouch for them, as the person holding the controller, that my input does feel instantaneous with their reaction. 

Noise Level

Unfortunately, the Max 2 isn’t exactly subtle when it comes to noise levels. Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to get away with low settings and medium ones with the help of some musical masking, but once it’s set too high, it begins to sound like an auto shop. 

Final Thoughts

While my partner laid with the Max 2 terminating their cock, I asked, “What do you think of it?” and they looked their webcam dead in the lens and said, “I can barely NOT cum in it.” and then I had my answer. The Max 2 Bluetooth Masturbator is one hell of a sex toy, with some impressively cool features. 

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Want to hook it up to the PC instead? Don’t forget to buy the Lovense Bluetooth Adaptor!


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