Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe – Review 

I searched around the sex shop eagerly looking for the perfect toy. Being new to using masturbation toys, I was looking for something simple and unintimidating. Almost everything I looked at was curved or larger than I was willing to take at the moment. That’s when a small, sparkly, almost stereotypical vibrator caught my eyes. “This is it.” I thought. And that product was Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe. 

Pricing & Product Details 

Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe prices range between $5-$18. I got mine for about $10 at my local sex shop.  It’s made out of smooth translucent ABS plastic (body-safe), making it suited for hassle-free penetration with or without lube. Though I will say its humble length of 5.18 inches and girth of 3 inches probably contributes to the vibe’s easy insertion. 

The overall shape of the vibe isn’t anything head-turning; it’s just a classic bullet shape; nonetheless, I find the sparkly translucent plastic to be a cute touch to a common toy. 

Shane's World Sparkle Vibe battery compartment

Living up to its classic design, the Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe takes one double-A battery to work. To insert the battery turn the base of the vibe counterclockwise to open its compartment, then place it in. Once the battery is in, twist the textured ring on the bottom to turn it on (this textured ring also controls the vibration intensity).

The Overview

Shane's World Vibe with light shinning through it to show off translucent design

Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe restored my faith in vibrating toys. Before this, all I tried was the Intense Ultra Bullet, and I hated it. I concluded that maybe vibration just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until a week ago when I decided I’d try it one more time and picked up this vibe. And oh god, I’m glad I did.

It may seem weird to brag about such an unoriginal product, but in this day in age, it’s hard to find a product this simple. Recently curves, bumps, grooves, and ridges have taken sex shops by storm; at times, it’s all I can find, so it’s a breath of fresh air to encounter a straight-cut simple design. As a matter of fact, its design is its strongest suit. 

Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe’s design makes it perfect for play from any type of angle. While using it, I never had to worry about my approach or the toy causing me discomfort. Because of its even cylindrical shape, I can easily slide it in and out of my vagina, even fucking twirl it if I want, and it feels good.

So the design is good, but what about the vibrations? 

Shane's World Sparkle Vibe Gif of it vibrating

I am surprised by how well the vibrations work for me. They aren’t crazy strong, even though it’s more than I expected for a battery, but they are steady and create a rhythm that sings me to orgasm. However, if you’re looking for something that packs a punch, I wouldn’t recommend this. I prefer low vibrations, so it works for me, but if you set this baby on high for longer than 15 minutes, you will notice a slight drop in strength. Hence, if you want to vibrate yourself into the next century, this isn’t the toy for you. 

Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe’s vibrations are not something to brag about, but as a newcomer, I thoroughly enjoy them.

Note: During my testing, the vibrator did get pretty hot. Of course, this is because I ran it on high non-stop for an hour, but even still, this is worth a mention. If you enjoy long play sessions, this could be startling. (props to the vibe for lasting an hour on a generic double a battery)!


Shane's World Sparkle Vibe on a white blanket

To sum it up, I think it’s the perfect toy for beginners and has a lot to offer at such a low price. Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe may not be the biggest or the strongest vibrator out there, but it is still noteworthy. Its small design and humble vibrations set it apart from anything else in sex shops. 

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