• Things end. Winston looks off into the ocean. The mermaid is seen from a distance.
  • Winston swims over to the strange shape.
  • Winston sees up close that it's a mermaid.
  • The mermaid sings a spell casting song at Winston
  • Winston follows the Mermaid to shore.
  • Winton is enchanted by the Mermaid
  • The Mermaid and Winston kiss.
  • The mermaid commands Winston to get to his knees.
  • He does.
  • The mermaid lightly chokes Winston
  • The mermaid puts her bare ass in Winston's face.
  • She sits on Winston's face like a chair as he kneels
  • Winston lays down and eats her pussy.
  • The Mermaid rides Winston's cock.
  • She scissor traps Winston between her legs.
  • The mermaid enjoys a pussy licking from Winston.

With two weeks off from work, Winston takes a vacation to a tropical island. 

While swimming at the beach, Winston noticed an odd figure up ahead. He wasn’t able to make out the details from where he was, so he swam over to get a closer look. 

As the gap between him and the shape began to close, he slowly began to realize that it seemed to be some sort of fish. Or maybe a human? Winston was confused; was the heat getting to him? When he finally reached his destination, he realized that it was neither a fish nor a human. It was a…a…mermaid?

Before Winston could get a closer look, the mermaid sang an enchanting song that could steal the heart and soul of anyone. Following her to shore, Winston does as she commands. 




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