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Share a unique sexual fantasy, and there’s a chance it will become an erotic film. Xconfessions.com is an erotic film site like no other with its sex-positive mission and aim to put you at the center of the pleasure. 

Plans & Sign Up

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Xconfessions.com has a total of three membership options, all of which include unlimited streaming and ten free monthly downloads of your choice.  

The first option is a monthly payment of $34.95 (on sale now for $24.95), which allows you to cancel at any time. The other two memberships are a little more committal and require up-front payment. You can pay a lump sum of $125.70 (currently on sale for $89.70) for six months ($20.95 a month) or $143.40 (on sale for $107.40) for twelve months ($11.95 a month). 

Once you pick a plan, the signup process takes only a few minutes. It asks for the basics such as email, password, and payment method. Xconfessions accepts all different types of payments, even PayPal! After completion, you will receive an email of your receipt and membership activation. 


Xconfession has a selection that is unparalleled because they are inspired by their viewers and are looking to make a change. And when I say they are inspired by their viewers, I literally mean it! The site has an option to submit an erotic confession, and if they like it, you get a prize, and they make it a film. How cool is that? 

Their collection consists of soft and rough erotic films that are shot and lit with artistic care and precision. The scripts and scenes are well thought out and used to enhance the sensuality of the sex. I found myself constantly getting sucked into the cinematic erotic fantasy their films created. And I have to admit, it was pretty rad. 

On an even sexier note, if you want to improve your real-life knowledge, they also provide videos for that. From learning how to give better oral to documentaries about the sex industry, Xconfessions has you covered. 

I will say their selection does lack gay representation. There aren’t a large number of gay film options on their site, but they do have a few. Though I won’t fault the site for this because they base their films off of confessions, and I have no clue how many gay confessions they get. So, just take this as a disclaimer.


Easy cancellation is always a must-have on this type of website; I never want to get locked into a plan. I found Xconession’s process to be quick, easy, and painless. After canceling my account from the my account section, I received a confirmation email of the cancellation and had access until the end of my paid plan (always appreciated). 


Xconfessions.com has an alluring and large collection of films created by both its viewers and its founder. Their options are extensive, and they offer a lot of viewing time since they are more than your average rummage porn. With over hours of films already uploaded and two new ones being added every month, I find it hard to get bored of this one. I loved my experience with Xconfessions and will definitely consider going back once I finish my search. 

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