Bitter Cum? – Find Out What Influences the Taste!

What “good” cum tastes like is relative. There are a fair amount of people who enjoy the taste of bitter cum, while others prefer something with a little less bite.  Regardless of preferences, you can take the control into your own hands by learning how lifestyle & diet may affect the taste of semen.  

What is Cum Supposed to Taste like?

ph scale

To properly understand what cum is supposed to taste like, we’ll have to look into some chemistry, specifically the pH scale. The pH scale measures the acidity or basicity/alkaline of a liquid. The scale’s numbers range from 0-14, with 7 being neutral. Liquids that score below 7 on the pH scale are acidic, while those that score above 7 are basic. In terms of taste, this means numbers higher than 7 will get progressively more bitter, and numbers lower than 7 will get gradually sourer. The average pH of a person’s semen falls between 7.2-8.0, meaning, cum on average, will have a slightly bitter taste to it. 

Along with bitterness, you may also notice that cum has a metallic and usually slightly sweet taste to it; this is because it contains minerals, vitamins & fructose as well.

You can commonly expect cum to taste bitter, sweet, and even a little bit irony. 

What Affects Semen Taste? 

Not a lot of research has been conducted on how lifestyle affects the taste of semen; therefore, all of the information in this article is susceptible to change. 

Type 1 Diabetes

A factor that you can not change that may affect the taste of your semen is being a diabetic. A study conducted in 1984 found that Type 1 diabetics may have sweeter semen because their seminal sugar levels were significantly higher than average. 

Lots of Water! 

The amount of water you intake seems to affect the potency of your semen. This fact seems to make sense considering that cum is mostly water. The theory is that if you’re not getting enough water, your cum will contain less water leading to a more potent taste. That is to say, if you’re getting an adequate amount of water every day, your cum will have a light flavor due to the water dilution. 


It is worth noting that what we eat does affect a variety of different things such as our moods, energy, and body odor thus, the idea that it affects the taste of cum, seems to hold water. Now, without further ado, let’s get to the information. 

What Gives Semen a Bitter and/or Salty Taste?

Foods that tend to produce strong odors such as onions, garlic, broccoli, and cabbage are said to cause bitter cum. Foods that change the way you smell will more than likely also cause this effect, such as asparagus

The rule of thumb is; if it has a strong odor or changes the body’s odors, it will probably have the same effect on semen. 

Your Meat and dairy product intake may also play a role in semen taste. It has been reported to make semen saltier. 

What Gives Semen a Lighter More Neutral Taste? 

Many foods appear to make semen less basic, but none of them are more notable than the pineapple. The idea that eating pineapple will make you sweeter isn’t all a lie, but it’s not entirely correct either. The theory is that the high acid and sugar content in pineapple mixes with the sugars already found in semen and lowers the usual pH of 7.2-8.0, making semen less bitter, not sweeter.  There are other foods that are said to have this same effect, such as; Celery, parsley, wheatgrass, oranges, and more.

Lifestyle Habits

The Frequent use of tobacco products, coffee, and hard alcohol may all lead to a more bitter cum taste as well as a more pungent one; making adjustments to the type of alcohol consumed (beer instead of whiskey), as well as the amount of coffee and tobacco products you use may reduce these effects.


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