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Can I borrow a lipstick? Sure, just don’t use the gold one; it’s for my pussy. During my last visit to the sex shop, I went in with a mission to get a lipstick vibe and get one I did. I walked out of the store with Calexotics’ Hide & Play Lipstick Vibe, and I have to tell you this thing looks pretty damn convincing in my makeup bag.

Pricing & Product Details

  • Front package of the hide & play vibe
  • back package of the hide & play vibe

With a price tag of $34.99, I asked, “what makes this lipstick bullet so special?” and the box aggressively whispered back, “it’s completely rechargeable, body-safe, waterproof, and has 10 speeds!” “Well,” I said, “Ten speeds mean three good ones, and waterproof claims usually fall short; so what else do you have besides a fancy price tag?”  Then looking once again at the product in my hands, it said convenience, and my impatient ass bought it right then and there. Nothing gets me more excited than bold claims and cute packaging.

When I got home, I was apprehensive to put this baby through all the testing it needed. I hate watching cute toys die to false claims, but alas, I had to. So, just like any other toy that claims waterproof, it was going to get submerged. I decided to test the longevity, charge time, and waterproof claims for the product, and the results surprised me. I got 1 hour and 20 minutes of use time on a full charge, and once it completely died, it took around 55 minutes to juice back up. As for the waterproofness, it’s impressive. I’ve taken it in the shower and bath with no issues at all; the product dried and came out in 100% working order. 

The Overview

Plugging this thing in is scary. If you look at the base of the lipstick, there is a button and above that button is a small hole; that is where you insert the AC Plug. The silicone makes the AC plug stick on its way in; therefore, you need to apply a little pressure to get it to go in, and it always feels like it’s going to break; however, it hasn’t happened yet, so Huzza (we will see if I’m updating this)! 

Now, when it comes to the actual product’s performance, I’m astonished. The speeds are pleasant, and the shape is practically made for my clit. I usually find myself only using the first few settings on a toy; yet, with the Hide & Play Lipstick Vibe I’ve been playing around with all 10 settings. They can be mild or intense, and I appreciate that out of a product. 

While we are on the topic of things I appreciate about this product, it’s also wonderfully quiet and discrete. I wore this thing to a wedding and got not a single look! I slipped it into my tights, turned it on, and had a fun evening with no questions asked. When I was done, I simply took it out and put it back into my makeup bag (right at the table), and no one questioned a thing because it looks like a lipstick! There’s no notable sex brand plastered all over it, and it’s discreet in all forms because of that. 

When I got home, I relished in how easy it was to clean. Because the toy is 100% waterproof, I can just put it directly into the water and clean it with mild soap!


I carry it in my makeup bag wherever I go. What can I say; I simply adore the Hide & Play Lipstick Vibe. It’s cute, compact, and I feel sexy holding it. The discreet design makes it perfect for pulling it out in public to remind my partner of my playful secret, and I love having a toy that I can do that with. It’s phenomenal for travel and just fun to use during normal bedroom sessions! 

Buy: Hide & Play Lipstick Vibe


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