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 Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Heart Tip Riding Crop on red velvet cloth.

A riding crop is an effective way to bring your bedroom spanking sessions to the next level. Just owning one adds many more diverse ways of disciplining to your repertoire. It can induce more pain than a hand and be used from a distance. It’s a mystery how I didn’t own one until now! Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Heart Tip Riding Crop is the first whip of its kind to be added to my collection, so without further ado let me tell you all about it! 

Pricing & Product Details

The Angel’s Kiss Heart Tip Riding Crop retails at $39.95 (not including tax & shipping) and you can purchase it directly from the Liebe Seele website (link at bottom). The keeper and hanging loop are made out of genuine cow leather. Its handle is made of a textured rubbery material that makes it secure and comfortable to hold (the material is unspecified). 


The entire length of the riding crop comes out to around 20.5’’ long, with the handle having a grab space of 4 ½ inches. The keeper has a total length of 2 ½ inches with the hit space being around 1 ½ inches because you should never hit with the hard base at the end. The widest part of the keeper is 2 ¾ inches wide.


Care seems to have gone into the design because the materials used don’t only look luxurious, but they can ensure that the product has a long lifetime; making it adorable and tactical. The handle feels, even during use, securely mounted to the rest of the toy and there are currently no worries about playtime destroying it.*  The texture on the handle gives it a secure non-slip grip. And the keeper is firmly finished with beautifully contrasting white stitching.  This being one of my first riding crops, I don’t have much to compare it to when it comes to others on the market but as far as I can tell, it’s a good quality product. 

*I did only use the crop as intended, not playing with it as a cane or such. 

The Overview

When it comes to sex accessories, the aesthetic is just as important as its use and durability. I want an item that’s going to play into my scene, or at the very least be non-intrusive. I want to use toys that make me feel sexy, erotic, and confident. Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Heart Tip Riding Crop delivers just that.

Physical Sensation 

Ouch, this crop can love its victim or hate them depending on the user. With just a flick of the wrist, this innocent-looking heart keeper can create a lasting sting. The 2 ¾ inches wide tip makes it perfect for creating low-moderate sensations of pain when impacting. 

The general rule of thumb is the smaller/narrower the tip the worse the sting will be because the sensation has less surface area to spread across. In the case of this whip, the keeper is wider than average (1 ¼ inches being standard), putting it in the low-moderate range. Let me tell you though, I didn’t feel like the sensation was low or moderate. 

Sure, this crop can give a gentle sensual tapping,  that’s one of the things I enjoy about it but when it impacts with the correct force, this thing creates a lasting sting!

*Low-moderate is relative in the case of riding crops because most induce a lasting sting level due to their size, some are just worse. 

Noise Levels

If the walls are thin, people will hear this thing. I’m not kidding when I say it only takes a low-velocity smack for it to make some noise. This makes it perfect for those who are fond of that signature whip-crack sound during all stages of their play. 

Personally, I love how loud this crop is. There’s nothing better than being able to hear it from another room and know what is waiting for you. It makes intimidation a breeze with even the lightest smack against your hand tricking your sub into thinking they’re in for a world of pain (or, maybe they are;). It’s like a Pavlov bell for submissives. 

Final Thoughts 

Close up of keeper on riding crop

As a first-time riding crop user, it surprises me how beginner-friendly this crop is. I find that the length of the whip accommodates both short and mid-range play well. The keeper is a big enough size to aim it correctly, and effectively 99% of the time, yet small enough to create a gnarly sting. And, thanks to both of these things, the sensation intensity is easy to control. 

I’m so in love with Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Heart Tip Riding Crop, I want to hang it on my wall just to remember all the good times I had/will have with it. 

Get Your Very Own: Angel’s Kiss Heart Tip Riding Crop

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