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The kind people over at Liebe Seele reached out to me asking for a review on a few of their products, and boy was I excited. They wanted me to try from their Angels and Demons line of BDSM items, and when it comes to themes like those, you don’t have to ask me twice. Let’s review: Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Wrist Cuffs.  

Pricing & Product Details

Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Cuffs are made out of real cow leather and retail for around $91 (after taxes) for the set. The locks are also sold separately, if you just want those; the heart lock costs around $18 (after tax).


The size range on these cuffs is impressive. The website states that the size range is between 16cm – 24cm (6.2in-9.4in). 

This size range seemed too good to be true to me. At those measurements, that means they would fit both my partner and me. And when your partner is 6 foot 3 and over 200 pounds and you’re 5 foot 1 and 100 pounds, you don’t usually expect to share many wearable things. My skepticism was pleasantly misplaced when I tested these and they not only fit us both as handcuffs, but as ankle cuffs too.*

*For Reference: Partner’s Wrist Circumference: 6.5in, Partner’s Ankle Circumference: 9.5in. My Wrist Circumference: 5.5in, My Ankle Circumference: 7.5in. 


The overall design and quality of these cuffs is superb. The color choices are divinely elegant and the use of real leather will ensure a long term lifespan.

The only concerns I did have were about the metal loops that connect the chain. I was wondering if they would be able to put up with long term use and struggling during play without getting detached. After putting these through rigorous tests, as well as using them during actual play, I’m more confident in their long term durability. If any changes happen to the product, I’ll let you guys know!

The Overview

The overall aesthetic of Liebe Seele’s Angel’s and Demon’s kiss line is on brand with my tastes. These cuffs are elegant, sexy and adorable all wrapped up into one. They have beautiful contrast with the pink and black leather design and are accented warmly by the rose gold chain and buckles.

The Fit

The first thing I want to say is, these are not going to just fall off.  If you are within the size range listed you will have a struggle trying to escape these. My wrist size is smaller than the smallest listed size to wear these, and I hurt my hand trying to get out of these. 

Did I succeed? Yes. Did it hurt and take a while? Yes! These cuffs are secure, you would really have to sit there and only focus on getting out to get out of these, they are not just going to fall off.  


Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Wrist Cuffs are super comfortable. The soft leather inside makes long term wear a breeze. I tried to break out of these multiple times, and even through the struggle they stayed comfortable, the only discomfort I had was brought on by myself. 

I could sleep in these if I wanted to, that’s how cozy they are. The smooth inner surface allows it to adjust and slide easily with even the harshest of movements, keeping the user well confined and comfy. 

Final Thoughts

I haven’t tried the rest of the items from this collection yet, and I am excited to try more! Needless to say, these cuffs made a great first impression on me. They are versatile, cozy and feel luxurious. I’m excited to add these to my collection and if you’re in the market for a high end pair of wrist cuffs I recommend them.

Buy your very own pair: Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Wrist Cuffs


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