I constantly find myself asking my partner questions about their penis that they can’t answer. And most of the time when I have those questions I just jot it down in my “list of penis questions” section of my article planner. The way I saw it was, one day I was going to have a lot of unanswered questions about penises and that would make a good article. That day has come, here are 6 random facts about penises, you may not know. 

What Makes NARBS Happen?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, NARB is an acronym that stands for no apparent reason boner. In general, NARBs are just as much a mystery to medical professionals as they are to the average person with a penis. 

In the past it was believed that random erections were simply caused by fluctuation of testosterone levels during the day. And though that fact still remains largely true, it is now known that there are other factors that contribute to erections as well. Such as nerve stimulation and brain relaxation which explains why something as simple as the fabric of your pants, or cuddling  can make it become erect (non-concordantly).  

Random erections are completely normal and can be a sign of good health. They’re only a sign of concern if you find it difficult to frequently maintain an erection during arousal.  

What Makes it Crack?

This is one of those facts about penises that I didn’t know existed till I started dating my current partner years ago. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, basically pushing down on the tip while the penis is hard can produce a popping noise, and feeling of relief, similar to cracking your back or knuckles. What makes this particularly strange is that penises do not have bones, so what are you popping? 

It’s not entirely clear what causes that distinct pop sound but the most likely cause is the suspensory ligament, which is the ligament that supports the penis when it is erect. Ligaments can be tight and can create a popping noise when shifted or adjusted. You can shift and adjust these ligaments from daily movements, or purposely such as when cracking your knuckles. So, when you push down on your cock, it’s highly likely you’re shifting this ligament causing that joint relief and noise. 

I wouldn’t recommend just doing this if you haven’t before, applying too much pressure can result in a penis fracture, which can be painful and require a trip to the ER. 

Do All Erections Feel Good?

I noticed a lot of people who don’t have penises tend to think every boner is a sexual or a ready boner. Which is not the case. Not all boners are sexual (as we learned with NARBs) and not all boners feel good when touched. Much like the vagina randomly gets wet sometimes (without needing or wanting stimulation) the penis randomly gets hard sometimes and the owner may not want or need stimulation. 

For instance, boners can happen just from needing to pee as a way of protecting the owner from wetting themselves. In most of these cases the person wants to relieve themselves before even starting intercourse for better comfort. The penis also may not feel “good” to the touch if the person is anxious, stressed or generally non relaxed making their boner non-concordant.  

Are Blue Balls Real?

Blue Balls refers to the phenomenon in which the testicles ache from being aroused with no release. 

Blue Balls, formally called epididymal hypertension, seems to happen when extra fluid (such as blood) rushes through the epididymis tubes during arousal. The unusual amount of blood pressure in the area (especially for an elongated amount of time) can cause the testicles to feel heavy and/or sore. 

An easy solution to epididymal hypertension is to just lose the boner. It is a temporary sensation that can be solved by either cumming or letting the boner go away naturally.  The blood flow will return back to normal, and the pressure will subside. Most cases resolve within a couple hours.

Can a Penis Orgasm without Ejaculating?

Yes! Many refer to this as a dry orgasm, which is when a penis reaches a sexual climax but doesn’t release any fluid. This is one of the lesser known facts about penises.

A dry orgasm happens for 1 of 2 reasons; 1 There is no semen in the body to expel or 2 the semen works its way into the bladder and expelles itself through pee, we know this phenomenon as retrograde ejaculation.

There’s not a lot known about having a dry orgasm however it does seem to be completely harmless. The main issue that arises from dry orgasms is that if they are common this can reduce your chances of having children (naturally from the lack of ejaculation). 

Can a Condom be “too” small?

It’s common practice in society to say “condoms stretch, they can’t be too small, they just don’t want to wear them.” And yes, I’m sure that is true for some, however a condom can be too small. Let me explain. 

In general when it comes to condoms you want to go by the girth of your penis, not just the length. Most condoms, for the most part, will fit penises lengthwise regardless of brand, it is the ring size, which measures girth, that tends to be tricky. 

The ring diameter on condoms tends to come in 3 different sizes; 4.6’’ (slims), 5’’ (classic), 6’’ (large). Which means if I have a long thin cock I should be buying the slims even though many would buy the large do to its length. And vise versa short thick cocks should be buying larges. 

It’s also important to make sure you’re listening to your partner’s complaints if they do have issues with condoms because wrong sizing can result in breaking, discomfort and/or slipping off during sex, making it less effective against pregnancy & STIs. 

Final Thoughts

The questions I have about penises can go on forever. A lot of the time I can’t even find a direct answer to my questions. For such a common body part, it seems we know so little about it. So, don’t let it come as a surprise if you see other facts about penises articles come along from me in the far future. Because I have a lot of questions and so little answers.