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A few weeks ago I wrote about mental chastity and how it’s a game that strongly depends on the submissive having impeccable self-control. But, what happens if they don’t? Well, that’s when a chastity device is useful. 

A chastity device is a clothing item that locks up the genitals to prevent the wearer from receiving erotic pleasure.  They come in a few different varieties, from classic to mean, each having its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the use. With so many devices out there, it can be hard to know which one to buy, so let’s break down the different types of devices on the market. 

Chastity for Cocks

When it comes to cocks, the options for chastity devices are almost endless. From electro sex to the classic lock-up, there is a device for all playstyles. But, if you are like me, and have no history with chastity devices, it can be very overwhelming. So, for this section, we’ll be covering only the most common types on the market. 


A cock cage is a device that fits over the penis to inhibit hard-ons and prevent physical pleasure. It usually consists of 3 main pieces; a back ring, a cage, and a connector of some sort. The back ring is positioned behind the balls to effectively secure the ring up against the body. Then, the cage is slid over a flaccid penis until it makes contact with the ring (the fit should be snug, not tight). When all is said and done, the two pieces are secured together with a pinlock or a padlock.  


When it comes to the different types of cages on the market, I’d say there are about 3 classifications; the classic cage, the flat cage, and the sadistic cage. Each gives its user a unique experience, and which one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal erotic wants. 

Classic/Traditional (Around 2-3 inches in Length)

The classic cock cage has either a birdcage-like design (such as the one pictured) that goes over the shaft, or it’s completely enclosed aside from a few slits for ventilation and pee. These cages usually have an average length of about 2-3 inches and a diameter of around 1 inch; which should be just enough room to comfortably fit a flaccid penis

The device should fit snugly around the penis with no wiggle room, it should not be tight. If there is excess space, the device won’t be able to properly inhibit a boner. It also will make things like peeing much more difficult (messy) due to a poor fit.   

This device is best for those who want just a pure chastity experience. It locks up the cock, and that’s it. 

Flat-Short-Micro Cage (Around 1 inch in Length) 

A flat or short chastity cage covers the head of a flaccid penis and pushes it up against the body effectively hiding it away. These devices are usually around 1 inch in length.  

They can come in a basic, silver plate design with only a few necessary holes or in different shapes, including a vagina (if you find that degrading or just want one;)! 

To those who choose this option, it has been said to be the most comfortable of the designs out there. It’s super lightweight, and adds even pressure on the penis, making long-term wear a breeze. 

I have seen a lot of people say these do not work well with Prince Albert piercings and it will have to be removed prior to wear. 

The short design also makes it the most discreet of the options on this list, you will not be seeing this through pants. Though some may argue people may wonder where your penis has gone, but should they really be staring? 

This device is great for those looking for a discreet option, wanting a bit of a mental mind game (some say the lack of hang is extremely noticeable), or love feeling emasculated. 


This is less of a type of cage and more of a genre. These are cages that have built-in features that are meant to inflict, induce, or create pain. 

All of the cages talked about today can come with these features tacked on. Such as built-in urethra tubes for added punishment, e-stim connections to shock the penis, and holes in the sides made for screws to be twisted in.  Oh, and some of these cages come with a combination of the two if you want to be really evil. 

Sadistic devices are great for masochistic seasoned users. They can add an extra level of excitement to your S&M play and make things more arousing (sorry caged individuals). 

WARNING: Chastity cages with built-in permanent spikes should never be used on the penis. These devices can have long-term harmful effects on the body. They are not mentioned in this review. Learn more about Safety & Comfort regarding Chastity.


Another type of chastity device for a penis is a chastity belt. These belts are essentially jockstraps with penis locks. The device usually locks at the waist and groin. They are not as common or diverse as their cage counterparts but they do exist! Chastity belts for cocks can also come with other features such as butt plugs built in.

Chastity for Vaginas  

When it comes to chastity for the vagina, there aren’t as many creative devices out there on the market. In fact, there’s only one type of device for a vagina, and that’s a chastity belt. 

Vaginal chastity belts usually come in the basic underwear design, and features such as butt plugs are also available.  Much like the same devices mentioned above, these chastity belts lock at the waist and genitals to prevent the user from removing them.  


You can get chastity devices in many different materials. The type of material you choose will depend on personal comfort and wants. In general, the materials change the weight, durability, and flexibility of the product. 


Metal is for the user who never wants to forget and never wants to leave. The material carries a notably heavy weight and inflexibility. It is also one of the most secure materials on the market. A metal device is nearly impossible to remove without the key, no matter how much you try to take it off. 

Metal devices are easy to clean and sterilize as most of them can just be boiled in water (non electric devices). The material also allows penis owners to shower in it. 

Metal is perfect for those slaves with extra naughty hands or just need a reminder. 


Plastic devices are perfect for those looking for lightweight security. It provides the user with the chastity experience without the heavy cold metal. This material is  generally considered to be secure, though they have been known to pop at the seam with long term use. 

Plastic has been criticized for being sweaty and trapping odors. The cleaning process on plastic pieces can be harder as not all of them are made of temperature safe materials, making sanitation/deodorizing difficult. Plastic devices can be showered in. 


Silicone chastity devices offer the same amount of security as their plastic counterparts, with the added advantage of flexibility. The soft bouncy material makes it perfect for those who are physically active as it moves with the body, contouring back and forth instead of remaining stiff. This also makes it ideal for overnight wear for those with penises as it can comfortably accommodate night time erections.   

Silicone devices hug the skin closely, which can make them warm, tight and sweaty during long-term sessions. For this reason, it is recommended that silicone devices get deep cleaned more often. Silicone devices are safe to shower in.


Devices that are leather are soft and flexible. These types of chastity devices are usually accompanied with other materials such as metal or plastic to give it stability. 

Leather devices tend to be sweaty and those with penises may still be able to sneak pleasure when not being watched. Chastity devices containing leather can not be showered in, as it makes the leather brittle. 

Hygiene with Chastity Devices 

For those with penises, it’s recommended that you remove and clean devices thoroughly every 3 days to a week. I recommend 3 days for plastic cages, and enclosed ones because they are more likely to harbor germs.

When it comes to vaginal chastity devices, feel it out. The vagina can be set off by small things such as the material underwear is made out of or allowing sweat to sit with no absorption. It’s very easy to get bacterial growth from lack of ventilation. In general, I’d recommend removing and washing it every day due to the sensitive nature of the vagina. 

Final Thoughts 

There are way more chastity devices out there then I thought. I suspect to see more in the future, as they are seemingly becoming more popular. Just last week I walked into my local Adam & Eve and they had a section dedicated to cages! I look forward to what future innovative ideas the world of chastity spits out and in the meantime I may try it out for myself.