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Collars can give a feeling of comfort or be a symbol of servitude. They can make you feel empowered or weakened. Dignified or Degraded. Maybe a mix of them all? Regardless of what it’s meant to convey, Liebe Seele has options for everyone’s tastes, and in this article we’re going to review the devious Demon’s Kiss Collar. 

Pricing & Product Details 

The Liebe Seele Demon’s Kiss Collar retails for $81.95 (not including tax and shipping). The set comes with a collar, and a 3 foot metal lead. The majority of the collar is made out of black cow leather accented by a gold metal buckle, O-ring and chain. The handle to the lead is also leather. 

A unique feature of this collar is that instead of the classic pin buckle, it has a loop buckle that allows you to insert a lock which prevents the user from taking it off.


The Demon’s kiss collar has 5 levels of adjustment and claims to accommodate diameters between 35-45cm (13.78-18.11 in.). 

Once again, much like in the Liebe Seele’s Angel’s Kiss Wrist Cuffs review, my measurements fell under the recommended range. The diameter of my neck is 12.5 ins. meaning that it’s about an inch smaller than what they have listed. Regardless, this collar fit me perfectly, I even had room to go tighter if I needed.

With that being said, my partner’s neck is 16 ins. in diameter, and they were on the last notch with slight room. This tells me that if you are close to the 18in range, it may be a snug fit. 


Liebe Seele’s Demon’s Kiss Collar is designed with longevity and comfort in mind. The seams are perfectly finished with no rough edges. The leather is incredibly soft while also being firm enough to keep its shape. The gold metal accents add security as well as style. 

The design is well thought out, or so it seems. From the locking buckle instead of a pin, to the wide range of accommodation the Demon’s kiss collar has you covered. 

Personal Experiences 

This is one of the last products I have to review from Liebe Seele and I’m sad about it. So far their products have been premium quality, luxurious and down right beautiful. And I expect nothing but the same out of this one.


I have had plenty of collars throughout my lifetime and this is by far the most comfortable one I own. The material is flexible allowing it to accommodate neck movements with no discomfort. Its soft texture and smooth edges make long-term wear a breeze. And the snug fit reminds me that I’m owned at all times.  It’s so comfortable in fact, I slept in it and wrote half of this review in it! 

It has a light yet noticeable weight to it, and I never found this collar to be intrusive (in a bad way). My partner even said that over time, they can see themselves just forgetting about it (I’ll let you know if that creates any fun stories). 


As far as I can tell, when it comes to durability Liebe Seele’s Demon’s Kiss Collar wins with flying colors. 

My partner and I took turns wearing it and yanking each other at different intensities. During the entire process the o-ring felt securely attached to the device and showed no indicator of separating from the device. If I did manage to pull hard enough to break this, I’d probably injure my partner badly. That’s how strong the connection is, so yank (within reason) away. 

Final Thoughts 

The Liebe Seele’s Demon Kiss Collar looks like something that has fallen out of a fantasy novel. Its durable construction paired with its elegant design almost makes it too good to be true but luckily it’s not. 

Made with all types of play in mind, this collar would make a luxurious addition to any BDSM collection.

Where to Buy: Liebe Seele’s Demon’s Kiss Collar (with locking buckle)