Wicked Wednesday #2 PoolSide Reunion (M+M)

  • Brice reads a book at the poolside while his boyfriend Oliver Checks him out.
  • Close up: Oliver greets Brice with a passionate kiss.
  • Oliver takes off his shirt.
  • Brice's pants are removed.
  • Oliver gets down on his knees.
  • Oliver stokes Brice's Cock.
  • Down angle and behind angle of Oliver sucking cock
  • Oliver finishes Brice off with lens flare
  • Brice & Oliver kiss in the pool.

Brice is surprised to see his boyfriend Oliver home so early. 

While cooling off by the poolside, Brice is unexpectedly surprised by his home too soon boyfriend Oliver. Happy to see him after months of studying abroad, Brice commemorates Oliver and the summer with a poolside blowjob. 




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