• Clover expresses her interests in Juniper by whispering in their ear.
  • Clover and Juniper Share a kiss
  • The kiss deepens and Juniper moves their hand up to Clover's breast.
  • Clover sits on Juniper's lap bare bottom.
  • Juniper fingers Clover
  • Clover straddles Juniper with her bare legs as they kiss.
  • Clover rides Juniper on the log loveseat in the side yard.
  • We see the last angel from a far view. Clover straddles Juniper surround by a beautiful healthy garden.
  • Clover rides Juniper Cowgirl
  • Juniper licks Clover's pussy.
  • Clover leans her head back in pleasure.
  • Close up of Clover being eaten out.
  • Juniper Snuggles Clover on the bench. Both now have their clothes on.

Spring is in full bloom, and nothing says Spring like gardening! 

Clover was never as skilled at gardening as she wanted to be. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried, only half of the garden grew in, and even that was barren and unimpressive. But, Clover’s luck changes when she meets her green thumb neighbor Juniper. 

Juniper can’t help but offer a hand to Clover when they see the state of her dying garden, and over the next few weeks, Juniper teaches Clover how to keep her garden alive. As the days get longer and the nights grow brighter, Juniper and Clover notice a spark between each other and share an intimate moment in the Garden that was a labor of love.




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