• Skye & Jasmine take a photo on their walk
  • Skye slumps over due to the heat, Jasmine also doesn't look happy
  • Skye and Jasmine run up to the picnic table in the shade to take a break
  • Jasmine smiles as they talk to Skye
  • Skye whispers in Jasmine's ear
  • They kiss sweetly.
  • Skye and Jasmine kiss standing next to the bench
  • They kiss deeply.
  • Skye takes off their top and resides in a bra.
  • Jasmine takes off Skye's pants and reaches for their pussy.
  • Skye rubs Jasmine's pussy.
  • Skye fingers Jasmine. Jasmine looks up and grits teeth in pleasure.
  • Jasmine licks Skye's pussy (standing).
  • Back shot of Jasmine licking Skye's pussy.
  • Skye grips Jasmine's head as she licks.
  • They kiss.
  • Jasmine and Skye share a sweaty picture.

With the hot summer heat beating down on them, Skye and Jasmine find some shade and make the most of the day.

After about an hour of hiking in the blistering heat, Jasmine and Skye decide to slow down and take a break. With the heat overhead and no sign of it cooling down, they decide to savor their time together and have some afternoon fun!




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