Wicked Wednesdays

Wicked Wednesday #4 A Nude Experience  (NB + M + M Swingers)

Kyle’s first trip to a nude beach became unforgettable when they met a swinger couple interested in them.  

Kyle was tired of being the shy one, and in an effort to solve this problem, they decided to bare it all. Going to a nude beach for the first time was the perfect way to take the plunge from shy to extroverted. Their newfound courage radiated from them as they stepped onto the sand. They were willing to meet new people and try new things! 

One of these new things was joining a splash fight between couple Alex and Avery. Kyle’s charisma shined as they goofed off and told jokes. This didn’t go unnoticed by the swinger couple. After Realizing the attraction, the couple invites Kyle over to their Villa for some fun!




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