Downsides of a Monster Girl Kink

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A few years ago, I dressed up as a demon for Halloween, and my partner discovered they had a thing for monster girls. At the time, I thought this thing was pretty common; who doesn’t want to fuck monsters, right? There had to be tons of porn on the internet of red fem demons dominating their partners (or prey). Boy, was I wrong. There is nearly no porn out there for those into monster girls unless you like the anime art style. How can this injustice happen in the age of the internet? Well, that injustice is what inspired today’s article on the downsides of a Monster Girl Kink. 

It’s Mostly Hentai 

Unless you love hentai, good luck finding something to suit your desire. My partner said that their biggest issue with having a monster girl kink was the fact that the results were almost all hentai, which isn’t their taste. I couldn’t accept this as fact and had to research it for myself. And what I concluded was they were right; aside from a few select videos, all the results for monster girls were hentai.

I am astonished that there isn’t more porn of this fantasy. I continually see captions and references about it in media (or maybe that’s just because I’m a nerd) yet, so little content exists of it. It’s actually kind of strange.

The Toys are Seasonal 

There are tons of toys for those who want to be fucked by monsters, but there are virtually none when it comes to those who want to fuck monsters. Yeah, around Halloween, you can find a couple of seasonal monster strokers, but how about the person who wants it in July? Tough shit. If I want to have an egg implanted in me in December and a Dragon fuck me in march, I can. Why is it that monster penetrative products don’t go out of commission after the spooky season, yet strokers do? I refuse to believe there is that little of a market.  

They also tend to be unappealing & inaccurate

It seems that the only time you can buy monster strokers hassle free is in October, because of this, companies seem to prioritize freaky over appealing. Zombie mouths and Frankenstein’s monsters have their place, but I would love to see more uncomplicated monster designs. Can we just get a green pussy with a simple black beauty mark?  

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I see monster designs that are lazy and inaccurate. There was this one time I saw a Dracula stroker that made me mourn for those with a monster kink. Not only were the teeth the same color as the skin, but it only came in plain apricot color. No translucent white or monster gray. They could of at least had the decency to make the teeth white, yet they didn’t.  

It’s Time Consuming

Appearing in the doorway as a dominatrix demon from hell isn’t something that happens in under two minutes. If you are like me and get into costume play, along with your role play, Monster girl play can become a time-consuming task. When discussing it with my partner, we both agreed that because of the time it takes to put on body-paint (3-6 hours!) alone that it’s best to leave this type of event as a planned all-day event. 


I’ve always seen the appeal to fucking monsters, and I’ve been spoiled with lovely products to let me do so. It wasn’t until my partner expressed their want to be dominated by a deviant being did I see how small their market was. So, those with a monster girl kink rejoice because you have been heard!

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