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For those who don’t know, is an adult product retailer. They are located in the state of New York and have a pretty good assortment of toys. I’m always cautious when trying new retailers online because there is never a lot of reviews on if they are trustworthy, and I always risk the risk of being ripped off and not being sent the item, especially when it comes to sex products. With that in mind, last Friday, I took the risk and ordered from I saw that they were among the ones people trusted, and I liked their toy assortment, so I figured, “Why the hell not?” All of this lead up to me wanting to write a review of my ordering experience from 

Selection not only has a diverse selection of sex products, but they also have a unique one when it comes to other shops. In reality, those are the two reasons why I ordered from them. After scanning multiple sex retailers, I concluded that they were the only place that sold a simple (non-g-spot) glass dildo and a spray that makes you salivate. Coming to this realization, SheVibe won the “who should I order from?” contest. 

I can confidently say that SheVibe has something for everybody. Their toys range from “I’m just trying this out” to “oh god, please give me more pain.” and I couldn’t love it more. 

Shipping & Tracking 

Standard shipping cost $7 and has a transit time of 4-9 business days for those who live in the U.S., or it’s free when you spend $68. If you’re in a hurry, they do have an enhanced shipping option as well, which is $12 and has a transit time of 2 to 5 business days. also gives you the option to add insurance for $2 or require a signature for $4.50. If you want to know more about their shipping policies, go to 

I found that my recent order shipped quickly, despite only paying for standard shipping, and they provided a tracking number without charging extra. Once in transit, I never felt left in the dark when it came to my order. Anytime a change happened to my package sent out an email. I am in love with this feature. I tend to get anxious waiting for items, especially when I never ordered from the retailer before, so it gives me peace of mind that they do these emails. 

If you’re curious about what types of emails they send, they send out an email to confirm your order, when your order is shipped, when it’s about to be delivered and when it is delivered. I found this to be the perfect amount of updating to bring me tranquility. 

Are they really discreet? 

So the box is finally on its way, and I’m slightly panicking because I have to ship it to my partner’s house, who shares a mailbox with his grandma. “What if it’s one of those retailers that lie about being discrete?” is all I’m thinking. My stomach wrenches as I hear the tapping of feet outside. Looking in shock and dismay, we scammer to put our shoes on. The clock is ticking, the stakes are high, and I’m about to vomit. And then…in a matter of moments, my partner sees his grandma walking back with a box. Turning to me in horror, my lover says,

“Oh, it’s just a white box, we’re fine.”

The victory bells ring as my stomach relaxes, and I feel cool with relief. Grandma felt helpful getting the mail that day, and I got a shiny new glass dildo. In my eyes, that makes this a win, win. 

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic. The moral of the story is when SheVibe claims discreet shipping, they mean discreet. It comes in a basic USPS Flat Rate box, and the shipping label shows no clear indicator that it’s from a sex shop. 

Conclusion has a fantastic selection of products, fair shipping prices, and unique toy options. I couldn’t be happier with my purchases from them. Everything arrived not just on time, but early and even though the outside of the box came beaten up from shipping, all of my items were safe and sound in the package, including my glass dildo. I will 100% be going back to not only to buy more products but to look through their exciting selection of items. They have proven to be a trustworthy company, and if you want to shop from them, I say do it! 

Note: I haven’t had to talk to customer service because I didn’t have an issue with my order; therefore, they aren’t included in this review, though I do see positive experiences floating around regarding their service.

Visit Today.

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