Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles – Review

Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles out of box

The days have been chilly, and the idea of hot wax on a cold night excites me. If you’ve been here before, you know that means I ran to my local sex shop for a potentially overpriced horny purchase, and that purchase this time was Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles. 

Price & Product Details

Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles retails for $12.99 plus tax. The box includes four six-inch candles.

I can’t say for certain because the ingredients aren’t on the package; however, I’ve concluded that these candles are paraffin or at least contain it based on the effect and feel they give.

Note: Paraffin candles take a while to cool on contact and have a slightly higher melting temperature than Soy Candles (another type of wax), making them a more painful option. If you are a beginner to any pain play, I’d recommend starting with soy.

To use these candles, hold them at least 3 feet away from your victim’s partner’s skin before allowing them to drip. Space gives the wax time to cool before it hits the skin (Don’t worry, it still burns).

The Overview

Fuck! I bit my tongue and hissed in pain. 

Looking up at Daddy, I said. 

“It fucking hurts.” 

Jumping up off the bed, the tables turned, and I poured some over Daddy, to which he replied: 

“You’re going to make me want to be a sub.” 

Two very different reactions. 

After that, I decided maybe I should try the candles when I’m aroused and not use them as a starter. And that’s just what I did. While playing a 60-minute Sex Game (I’ll write an article about later); that I was about to lose, the Make Me Melt Drip Candles became my savior. 

While the words of “you can’t cum yet” ran in my ears and promoted me to more, the painful heat of the wax ironically cooled me. Edging here I come! 

How They Felt

These candles definitely hurt way more than I expected them to, nonetheless in high moments of arousal they felt nice. I want to say, don’t anticipate a warm feeling, these are hot. 

Any Marks?

My partner and I have both tried these candles, and neither of us has had any issues with burn marks when used correctly. This is not the case for everyone; there are many different skin types and sensitivities. It’s important to try it on a small area first and see how you react.  


They hurt, I dread and fear them, yet they get me wet! The burn at times can be a bit intense, but in those moments where I’m on the brink of cumming and need to stop myself, they come in handy. For a beginner like me, I think I might try soy next; however, if you’re a pain slut like my partner, you’ll love them!  

The Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles are one of those products that I see in a sex shop, google, and can’t find any reviews or reputable places to buy them. Still, I review it for the in-store shopper like me. Keep an eye out for them at Adam & Eve shops!

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