My First Vaginal Orgasm

my first vaginal orgasm with a quote that says "pleasure is important, and good sex doesn't have to end with cumming."

When I first met my current partner, we were both still sexually inept, despite having had a few sex partners before. It took us years of communicating & breaking walls down for us to enjoy sex without stigma or past experiences getting in the way. Lucky for us, we overcame the obstacles social norms put in our way and now can enjoy sex with ourselves and each other. The journey of getting there was hard, but I learned a lot. Why am I letting you know all this? Because a few weeks ago, I had my first vaginal orgasm, and this was a pivotal moment in my sex repertoire. 

My Story

I was always scared of penetration because I thought it was going to hurt. Inevitably, just like a placebo pill, penetration did hurt for me because I never learned to relax. Every time I went to have sex, my thoughts would race with stigma and online forum stories of painful intercourse. Even when I masturbated, it was clit only; I wouldn’t even penetrate myself. I just couldn’t shake the anxiety. Looking back, I wish I knew what I know now; that the vagina takes time to get aroused and that I shouldn’t race to cum. 

After learning that I just might need more time, I began to adjust my sex life accordingly. Now I find that my sex life is astronomically better. I kept telling myself, “it’s not going to hurt; the sensations I’m feeling are good and pleasurable.” I continued to remind myself of this; as my partner seduced me with his words. I soon found my body yearning for my partner’s touch. We kept at it until I couldn’t take anymore, and you know what? When it came to penetration, it felt amazing, and I had my first vaginal orgasm. 

I always figured I just couldn’t have one, but it turns out I was going about it all wrong. Granted, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people just do not like the feeling of penetration, and that’s perfectly fine, but for me, I knew it was something I wanted.  


With that big story out of the way, I want to say don’t let “it’s going to hurt” ruin your good time. It probably will if you go in with that mindset. Once I dropped that thought pattern, I had my first vaginal orgasm. So, Simply take it slow, and communicate with your partner.  Remember, your pleasure is important, and good sex doesn’t have to end with cumming just enjoy the ride.


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